Thursday, October 4, 2012

{DIAL} A slice of June's world

Today, we get to take a peek into June's day! She is a mum of two and a writer, in progress. She is passionate about building strong familieschildren’s learning activitiesher faith in God and writing. Her dream is simply to write and to make a difference in the lives of parents and their little ones.

June blogs at 
mamawearpapashirt, a place where she hopes parents will be able to find love, confidence, hope and delight. I've certainly been encouraged and have enjoyed reading her thoughtful posts, and this was the blog that sparked off a whole series of loves stories.

So, how does her day look like, when she has a day off from work?  Read on!


Sunlight peeking in
Gosh my toes are still sleeping!
Oh bright yonder morning, give me five more minutes please...

Big sister goes to school,
Javier gets to play with stones.
"Here's a rock for you, grandma!"

My usual morning pick-me-up
as I wait for the bus.
Off to the Botanic Gardens I go
for a little retreat / treat for my soul.

There's something about pinks and oranges and greens
that never fail to capture my eyes.
I park myself beside the swan lake,
and open my heart to hear what
the Good Book has to say...

Hunger strikes.
I make my way to Food for Thought.
While waiting for my pancakes, I record a few more words
into this trusty notebook.

Hip hip hurray for pancakes!
Garlic mushrooms are oh-so-yummy too!

Tummy satisfied, I take a short walk, and wander into
The Better Toy Store at Tanglin Mall.
There, I found some surprises for the kids.
(Disclaimer: Gifts like these don't happen "every day" by the way...)

At home, the kids explore their gifts with glee.
But soon, it's nappy-nap time.
Except this boy wants to find out what's under his window ledge.

Biting his sleepy-pal bear in defiance.

Ahh, kids are now in various stages of their afternoon nap.
The house is finally quiet...

Mummy can get some work done in peace...

The kids are up,
it's a tea-time.
That also means
pick-up-the-crumbs time.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho,
to the playground we go...

Clambering up and down the stairs to the slide
with one finger up his nose.
Boys are gross like that.

Home! Whew, it's hot!
Now the rice is cooking in the pot.
Time for Javier to plop
into the shower for a scrub-a-dub-dub.

As usual, the cheeky one runs out butt-naked and
plays a game of catch with granny and I.
(Is he covering his bum for modesty's sake?)

It's little boy's bedtime.
I tell a story to teddy
as he wanders around the room.

He went down. And now he's up again. (What?)
Little fella hasn't been sleeping well these days,
requires some extra tender lovin'.

It's bedtime story-time for Vera.
She's picking a book from her new bookshelf.
(I'm kinda proud at how neat this makes our play area look.)

It's Mister Seahorse tonight, one of our favourites!

Vera requests for her new recorder to play with.
For two minutes only, mummy, she said.
How could I not relent?

The lights are out, the kids asleep.
It's time for this mummy to keep
her feet up on the chair's arm-rest.
A cup of Milo would be even best.
But wait, oh dear,
there's some clothes to be kept,
some blog posts to be written,
some whatsapp messages to return.
It looks like at nine when the air is still,
the real work begins
for this very ordinary mummy.


Have you recorded your day in pictures?  If you have, link-up here, and take a peek at the lives of other mums too!


  1. Wow I thought my kids go to bed early but Javier wins hands down!!! Nice peek into your day, June :) breakfast at botani gardens. Ahhhhh...,

  2. Wow. Nice! I think I'm probably the only one with kids who sleep late!

  3. Kids sleeping early means more mama time. Super like!

  4. Adora: He's transitioning from 2 naps to 1, and so it's slightly topsy-turvy these days. That day was a 1 nap day, so bedtime was super early.

    Angie & Geraldine: I like early bedtimes, for that very get a bit of peace and quiet so I can do some real work! Thankful for little things like this! :)

  5. Wow, the kids sure goes to bed early. I love it when Ally goes to bed early too. I love how you make time for yourself ...Lovely!

  6. Breakfast at Botanic garden surely makes us all jealous!! You surely have a lot of "me" time even with 2 kids. Good Job.

  7. Hey Yvonne, I try. :) And this post is partly meant to remind myself (and others) to plan some reflective and me-time into my schedule!

    Hey Abby, oh dear wasn't meant to instill jealousy, because it's also rare for me and takes effort to make it happen! Hope you lovely mums plan some me-time soon too! :)

    Finally, mamaJ, thanks for hosting me! You've been a wonderful host! :D

  8. I feel so happy reading your blog posts. Thank you for guiding us!

    - dreaming of a happy family one day,
    22 year old NTU undergrad



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