Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Five: This week...

... might just be the last week we are a family of four. This is how life is looking these days:

:: Lots of Lego and Duplo play. The boys recently received a huge tub of Lego from my parents, and they have been messing with the bricks every day.

:: Still figuring out how to wean this lil guy. And learning how to deal with his epic tantrums.

:: I've been finding it hard to cook, since my feet have been getting really puffy from standing up for extended periods of time to do chores/cooking. Doing things at any table/counter gives me a backache since the belly gets in the way. So we've been eating out a lil more often these days, and my MIL has taken over the cooking since yesterday. 

Had a quick dinner at Paul Bakery the other night after my gynae appointment. There's something very comforting about creamy chicken and crunchy fresh bread. 

:: This kid was really excited to use his duck umbrella the other day.

:: The nesting instinct is driving me crazy. I've been on a cleaning/decluttering rampage, but there's still lots to be done. Some time ago, I tackled the junk drawer in the kitchen:

This was when I was half-way through.

And tada! Now we don't need to rummage for stuff anymore.

I've also tackled the storeroom and piles and piles of the kids clothes (It's amazing how two boys can amass so much clothes. I can't imagine how it'll be if we had to add a girl to the mix!), and this nesting thing is going to keep me busy for the next few days. 

December is going to be quite a ride, so I'll be taking a break from running this Friday Five link-up for the rest of this year. Thanks for joining us! 

PS: Thanks also for helping me out with this survey. It's still running, so it'll be nice to know what you think!

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  1. You have a gift for categorising! I, on the other hand, have this infinite tolerance (not good) for mess!



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