Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dec Daily: 2.5 weeks already?

With baby J's arrival, life has been blurred into this fuzzy dream, where day and nights seem mixed up. Its been this seemingly endless cycle of changing diapers, feeding, attending to the kids, snatched cat naps, crying kids. But there's also the nice bits: snuggling with baby, reading to the boys, capturing the moments the brothers are at peace with one another.

Whatever the case, I'm trying my best not to let my Type A personality get the better of me, as my to-do list grows longer and longer (next week we're looking at the hub's birthday, Christmas, followed by baby J's full month, Junior J's birthday, and Chinese New Year! Yikes!). All I can say is that we're slowly adjusting, and I'm learning to close both eyes and just do the important things. Step by step, day by day!


  1. Take care Jus! These are what I call the dark days, cos so much time is spent awake in the dark! His strength will sustain you.

  2. Congrats! Yup, just focus on the important things. To us, that meant cutting a simple birthday cake for #2's birthday at home, no full month celebration (we simply ate as a family) and postponed my birthday cake till a month later. Simplicity is bliss! Happy and relaxed mummy = happy family. All the best! :)



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