Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Made: A card for Papa

We celebrated the hubby's birthday today. We didn't manage to make him a present, but we did make a card:

The leaves from the tree were thumbprints from myself and the three boys (yes, even baby J added his mark), and the 4 little birds were again from thumbprints, which I added details to make them look like birds. The two older boys had lots of fun with the printing bit (I had to restrain Lil J or he would have been putting handprints instead of thumbprints!), and also helped to peel those alphabet stickers for me. Baby J was just pissed that we kept trying to open his little fist!

Happy Birthday, dear! We love you!

PS: We did a handprint canvas for the hubs 2 years ago. Then, Lil J was the baby and also cried when his hand was smeared with paint!


  1. So lovely!!! My kids: I can't keep it to fingerprints. They always end up with hands smeared with paint or ink!!

  2. The little fingerprint chicks are v adorable! Happy Birthday to Daddy J. :)

  3. This is too cute! Such a wonderfully meaningful card.

  4. A lovely card with so much thoughtfulness and love!! :)

  5. cute! you should have made your finger print a mama hen :P heheh
    happy birthday to him from us!!! and a blessed Christmas to you all!

  6. What an absolutely cute card! Lovely work Jus!



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