Tuesday, November 16, 2010

P is for Pangkor...

Peaceful private beach, over at Pankor Island Beach Resort.  
I've been hit by some nasty tummy bug, and we've been busy trying to get back into the whole usual routine thingy... so I've not had the time to blog about our Pangkor trip til now.  So rather than ramble on, I'd just let the pictures do the talking:

Day 1 (just the 3 of us):

Pottering on the beach.

Plane-watching on the beach

Picking shells.  And making sand mounds (he's too young to make sandcastles for now),
and decorating them with shells.

Petite prints, along with Papa's.  

Plish splashing in the waves.  Initially he was terrified but after we got him splashing, he was fine.

Day 2 (his paternal grandparents came along too):

(More) Playing with Papa.  

Picking shells again.  This time with Ah Ma.
The boy was so obssessed with this, he was yelling "shell shell" in his sleep.
And of course, that was the first thing he would ask for in the mornings too.  

Day 3 (before we left for Penang, to see a really crowded jetty of people headed to the island due to the Deepavali Holiday):

Puzzling blobs on the beach.
These lumps were what greeted us when we went down in the morning,
after being amused by macaques that were lurking around outside our room windows.

Puzzling worm causing the spiral blobby things.
I know, I should be able to identify it since I'm supposed to be research in intertidal animals,
 but I seriously have no idea, and Google isn't helping me!
Anyone can help me out here?

Poopoo: The verdict given by the boy.  He says the crabs did it.

Puzzling wormy kept everyone pretty occupied for a fair amount of time...

... until Puddles became more interesting.  And stayed interesting for the rest of the morning.
 They were good for standing in... 

And for Putting little hermit crabs caught by Papa.  They were so funny, getting tossed and
rolled this way and that in the waves.  (Of course I made the hubs put them back.)

It was an altogether lovely trip.  Just hanging out at the beach.  No need to worry about finding your way to the best shopping places, or squeezing with crowds.  Just sun, sea, and sand.  I like!  :)


  1. WOw it looked like your had fun. I hope he is feeling a whole lot better. The drip on his hand scares me. You must have been so worried. But thank GOd it wasnt Dengue if not it could have been worse. (:

  2. sounds like a great trip (minus the hiccups)! and bbJ looks like he's had lots of fun :) the poopoo thing is funny lol

  3. those are awesome shots! thank you for sharing them with us here... Hope your boy is feeling better.


  4. All the pictures are vibrant and beautiful, some are heart warming too... specially the "Playing with papa" picture!

    Glad that you all have fun and enjoyed your vacation in Malaysia, have a wonderful day ahead!

  5. love the pic of 3-generations ogling at the worm. Heartwarming :)

  6. nice photos babe! hope to catch up with u soon shutterbug! :)



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