Day in a Life

How does a stay-home mum spend her day? Does she have time to sip coffee and read a book while watching over the kids? Does not having to work equate to having the life of a tai-tai? What about the working mums, or the work at home mums? How do they balance life at work, with the demands of caring for family?

This October, you're invited to take a 24 hour peek into the lives of different mums as they go about their daily lives (this will be updated as the posts go live):

11th Oct, Tue:

12th Oct, Wed: 
Mary's Day @ Simply Lambchops

13th Oct, Thu:
Candice's Day @ Missus Tay

14th Oct, Fri:
Michelle's Day @ Mummy Wee

17th Oct, Mon:
Dotz's Day @ A Pancake Princess

18th Oct, Tue:
Delphine's Day @ Life in the Wee Hours

19th Oct, Wed:
Deb's Day @ Owls Well Blog

20th Oct, Thu: 
Jus' Day @ Mum in the Making (That's us again!)

21st Oct, Fri:
Mark and Sue's Day @ Parenting on Purpose

24th Oct, Mon:
Jennifer's Day @ Dino Family

25th Oct, Tue: 
Lynn's Day @ Raising Faith

26th Oct, Wed:
Dawn's Day @ Da Prayer

27th Oct, Thu: 
Waiwai's Day @ Peipei Haohao

28th Oct, Fri: 
Janice's Day @ The MishMashMess

 31st Oct, Mon:
Ashlyn's Day @ Ashlyn Thia

1st Nov, Tue: 
Cheryl's Day @ Incy Wincy Spider

2nd Nov, Wed:
Diana's DayMum Craft

3rd Nov, Thu: 
Libby's Day @ Little Bow Girl

4th Nov, Fri: 
Adeline's Day @ Growing with the Tans

 7th Nov, Mon: 
Michelle's Day @ The Chill Mom

8th Nov, Tue: 
Estella's DayEG

9th Nov, Wed:
Adeline's Day @ AdeSays


Wait there's more! We had this blog train last year too, and you can browse the entries below. It's so interesting to see how our days change across the span of the years!

1st April, Wed: 

2nd April, Thu: 

3rd April, Fri: 

4th April, Sat: 

6th April, Mon: 

7th April, Tue: 

8th April, Wed: 

9th April, Thu: 
Jus' Day @ Mum in the Making (That's us!)

10th April, Fri: 

11th April, Sat: 

13th April, Mon: 

14th April, Tue: 

15th April, Wed: 

16th April, Thu: 

17th April, Fri: 

18th April, Sat: 

20th April, Mon: 

21st April, Tue: 

22nd April, Wed: 

23rd April, Thu: 

24th April, Fri: 

25th April, Sat: 

27th April, Mon: 

28th April, Tue: 

29th April, Wed: 

30th April, Thu: 

1st, May, Fri: 

2nd May, Sat: 

4th May, Mon: 

5th May, Tue: 

6th May, Wed: 

7th May, Thu: 

8th May, Fri: 

9th May, Sat: 

11th May, Mon: 

12th May, Tue: 

13th May, Wed: 

14th May, Thu: 

15th May, Fri: 


And finally, we go way back in 2012 when this train originally started. I can't believe we've been running this blog train for 5 years! 

Oct 2: Adora, creative mum to two little girls
Oct 3: Evelyn, cool mama to a six year old girl and one year old boy
Oct 4: June, working mum to two littles, on her day off
Oct 5: Regina, full-time working mum to a boy
Oct 6: Lyn's Saturday with family and her two little girls
Oct 7: Summer's Sunday in Sweden

Oct 8: Adeline, stay home mum to a 10 and 12 year old
Oct 9: Pamela, mum to two year old twins and a five year old
Oct 10: Jus, mum to 3.5 year old and 11 month old boys
Oct 11: Alicia, home-learning enthusiast and mum to one little girl
Oct 12: Rachel, mumpreneur and mother to a five year old
Oct 13: Susan, healthy full-time working mum to one


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Mum in the Making


  1. Hi MamaJ! This is a very interesting series to get a peek into other mums’ lives. Maybe feel a bit better to know that even though my schedule/routine is not perfect, at least I’m not alone.

    I’ve linked up with an existing post, but it’s still relevant to my current routine to join in the sharing.

  2. Serenely: Hi Serene! Thanks for linking up, it was nice to take a peek into your life! :)

  3. Finally managed to finish my DIAL post and linked up! Thank you for extending the linky for me, Jus!

    1. No problem! So glad you could link up and share your day too! :)

  4. Hello, fellow mummies! This is the first time I'm participating in such things and I'm not quite sure how things are done. All these 7 years writing posts, my blog is more like a personal journal to me... Hope you don't mind me barging in. Enjoyed all your posts!

  5. Hi, I'm a bit late, but I'm excited to share my day of life too. I've already grabbed your button. Love reading all other mommies' post here.



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