Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrations again... :)

We celebrated the hubby's birthday yesterday. :)  Just a simple celebration, starting with me and the boy surprising him with chocolate chip muffins when he came home:

Little boy was really excited about the whole plan when I described it to him,
and carefully held the plate while I lit the candle... 

He of course, wanted to blow out the candle too!

Followed by us getting all dressed up...

... and going for a short walk in Jacob Ballas Children Garden:

As usual, Junior J is very fascinated with bananas.  Both at the market, and those hanging on trees!

Then we were all hungry...

The boy loved the fried mushrooms...

... and proceeded to have a yummy dinner of steak!

One of the hubby's favourite... juicy steak, done just right. :)

The boy got restless at the last part, so we took turns bringing him to admire the Christmas tree... and the staff were nice enough to let the boy take down and hang up a few of the baubles. :)

He was good... and only touched the decorations gently...
Glittery ones fascinate him the most, and he kept going to say "HI!" to the snowman!

I really love these simple family celebrations! :)

Oh, and I made a scrap for the hubby too for his birthday:

Dimensional pearls, something I learnt in Sharon's class...

One arm of the brad is bent to form a hook to hang the pictures!

I used the Brook collection that Crate Paper so nicely sent to me... :)
And used bubble wrap and chalk ink to stamp the background to match the patterns... 

Happy birthday again dear!


  1. Happy birthday to your boy!! and what a fabulous layout! I lov ethat you created little frames hanging! so creative!! have a merry christmas!! love from France!

  2. Very beautiful scrap art, really nice! Happy belated Birthday to your hubby, a wonderful Christmas to you and family too!^-^

  3. What a beautiful layout. Merry Christmas to you and your happy family. :)

  4. Happy belated birthday to your hubby and Merry X'mas to you and family:)

  5. Such wonderful photos and memories to cherish on your LO! Everyone looks so happy at the little celebration.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family !

  6. Awesome work man! And happy birthday to John too! I was staring at your family photo and trying to figure who Junior J looks more like - mama or papa but I still can't figure that out! Must keep staring more!

    Blessed Christmas!

  7. what a beautiful and meaningful present! Merry Christmas to you and family too! :>

  8. I like how you hang the photos! thanks for the inspiration, should try it toooo!!

  9. this is really sweet..ur hubby must be very touched!;) very nice layout , and use such a simple rope to hang the pix. Brilliant idea!!

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Jo: I think he's a mix. Some people say he looks like me, some say he looks like hubby. I can't decide!



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