Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doing a little to help Japan...

UPDATED: Dear friends, thank you for all your support for our Japan fund-raising!  We have closed accounts for this project, and will be emailing purchasers a copy of the receipt for the donation made soon.  If you are still interested in purchasing a nursing cover, please view the available designs here. :)  Thank you!

Hello!  Am just taking a short break from blogging about our trip to make a little announcement...  I think some of you are aware that I've been sewing and selling nursing covers as a lil sideline, and I've been loving the thought that each cover I sell may help make the life of a nursing mother easier.  However, I've hardly mentioned them in my posts, since this blog has been primarily a journal about our life with Junior J, and not a shop blog.  But this round, thought I'll just let everyone know that we just wanted to raise some funds for Japan, so we'll be donating SGD$5 to the Singapore Red Cross to support relief efforts in Japan for every Just for Babes cover you buy.  We've been praying hard for the country, and just wanted to do a little more (and I've realized the seriousness of the situation after receiving an email from a Japanese friend just yesterday).

If you're interested, you can read about the details of the nursing covers here.  All fabrics are soft cotton and lightweight, which is perfect for feeding baby in our hot weather!  Usually we do not sew more than 4 pieces per design, so you can be sure yours would be a "limited edition" piece! :)  Local postage is available at $1 per cover.  Please drop me an email at john(dot)jus(at) with the design that you are interested in purchasing (they are great as gifts for expectant friends too).  If you don't need a nursing cover, do help me spread the word around by blogging or emailing your friends who might be interested!  :)  I will email purchasers a copy of the receipt once the donation has been made.  Thanks so very much!


  1. oh Jus! I feel so much for Japan and just can't bear to watch the news :( A friend who's living there just returned safely but everyday the images I have seen just weigh my heart down. The nuclear situation doesn't make things any better. May God's mercies be with Japan!

    I have coincidentally been thinking of buying a nursing cover for a friend. Will email you!

  2. hi Mamaj, blogged, and I steal one of your picture (hope u do not mind). This is a worthy cause :)

  3. What you are doing is truly of value. God bless your heart. Thank God you had a safe return from Taiwan too. We must continue to pray for Japan..

  4. That's really sweet of you! Will spread the word around for ya!

  5. Corsage: Thanks again for the order! Have emailed you and will pass the covers on. :)

    Andy: Thank you so so much, and of course I totally do not mind!

    Jeanette: Oh yes, we must... we are still praying hard.

    San: Thanks so much for spreading the word! :) Appreciate it lots!

  6. This is a great effort! I have linked you up in my blog.

  7. Hello! I'd like to buy the purple sakura one! Gift for a friend :) Thanks!! Can email me and let me know how to proceed...

  8. I'd like to order a Park Fountain in Green as a gift. Pls email me at olimomok at gmail dot com!

    PS. I dropped by your blog from Mother Inc and have been enjoying reading your entries. I have a boy about your son's age too.



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