Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: It could be worse

Last night the cough kept me up for the first part of the night (any natural remedies to recommend btw?).  As I tossed and turned and tried to sleep, the "glass half-empty" part of me was thinking that it could be worse.  Like how we were only sick after the trip, and not during.  Or how right now the most respiratory demanding thing I have to do is to keep up with the 20 minute bedtime lullaby routine... unlike previously, where when I had a cough this bad, it always meant losing my voice after a day of teaching (have you tried talking above the voices of 35 teenage boys, all excited about dissecting cow eyeballs?).

Then I was reminded how the pile of laundry waiting to be washed or folded just meant I had family around me.  Or how the long list of housework meant I had a roof over my head.  And that the dishes in the sink meant we had food in our tummies.  And after that everything didn't seem so bad after all.

So here's my thankful list for the week:

:: God's love, and the constant reminders in the Bible about how great that love is.

Butterfly spotted at the Taipei Zoo. :)

:: Butterflies.  Yes, they are pretty, plus, they pollinate flowers, so they result in fruits and seeds, and eventually new growth.

:: My mum, who helped out over the weekend so I could get some rest.

:: The hubby back safe from his overseas conference.

:: Togetherness: Little boy has been trying to use the german word "zusammen" (meaning "together") frequently.  He'd pipe up "Mama eating, papa eating, Juju eating, everyone eating together!  Zusammen!" during meals.  And yesterday, he climbed up on the chair next to where I was finishing my dinner (he had finished his, and the hubby was at German class), asked for some raisins and cheese puffs, and sat next to me and munched his food while I ate.  And of course, declared, zusammen!

:: Cool rains.  Its been raining quite a bit, but its been nice to stay in and read books to the boy.

What are you thankful for this week?  Do share!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Your photos are gorgeous and always make me smile. I usually take one tablespoon of Manuka honey neat for an itchy throat.

  2. 35 boys dissecting cow eyeballs? hahaha I be u don't miss those days..Neither do I cos boys..yikes!

    Now I have girls AND boys..and that helps heaps! U only need to deal with 20 monsters!

    Nice reading your post....there is much to be thankful for..like good health!

  3. Thanks for reminding me we have an awesome God who provides, protects and comforts.

    I'm especially thankful that i can breastfeed no.2.
    So ur nursing cover comes in really handy :)
    thank u for that!

  4. Jillian: Thank you! Will go gulp some manuka down now! :)

    Jo: Haha, actually it was pretty fun teaching them, just not so when you're sick! :p

    SY: Yay, glad to hear, and hooray for breastfeeding! :) Good that J is being good for mummy!

  5. I'm thankful for all the help friends have given me for a major exam on this Saturday...and thankful that God is seeing me through with it =) (yes, I shall go study now heheh)
    Manuka honey is really good...and of course gargling warm salt water. Hope you get better soon!

  6. i love the last photo!! Junior J is damn cute!
    anyway take care.. rest more. :)

  7. Thank you Lord that you are Love indeed!!

    Yes, thankful too for butterflies, mom, and more... hubby not quite yet :o)

    And rain? kind of, but the clothes don't dry ;o)

    But God is good in everything!

  8. I spoonful of honey 3-4 times a day will definitely help to ease your cough, try gargle with listerine whenever your throat feel itchy, it will help too!

    Beautiful pictures, guess I need to invest a DSLR too, muahahaha!

  9. Evergreen: All the best for the exam! :) Ahh, and warm salt water, completely forgot about that, thanks!

    Xiuhao: Thanks! :)

    Vio: Haha, well, there have been sunny days in between, those are great for laundry!

    Alice: Listerine, got it! Thanks... yes, its a good investment, especially when it comes to kids!



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