Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: For the love of books

We are a family that loves to read.  Hubby must read himself to sleep, and I am a bookworm myself... so it comes as no surprise that Junior J has taken to books like a fish to water.  We blitz through at least 3 storybooks before bedtime and nap time (this is "enforced" by the little boy!), and sometimes you will find the little boy flipping through books quietly on his own, looking at the pictures (right now, he cannot read but is able to recognize the uppercase alphabets).  Given that the little boy recently doesn't seem to be very interested in most home-learning activities, and I sometimes just don't have the energy to plan lessons, we've been finding it easier to just curl up on the sofa and read to our heart's content instead. :)

To encourage the love for the written word, we've made books accessible to the boy all over the house... from displaying books on the ledge behind the sofa...

... to the shelves in Junior J's room and our study (at least the lower shelves) that are crammed full of children's books.  Since some friends have been asking about book recommendations, I thought I'd just list some of our current favourites.  You can view them on a separate page, titled "Bookshelf".

How do you encourage your child to enjoy reading?


  1. oh I LOVE curious George!! aww Juju so cute ^^
    well, not having kids myself, I can only tell you a bit what our parents did to encourage us to read...I think just reading together and having lots of books around all the time (something you are already doing). I can still remember some of the 'ladybird' books from my childhood! Later on though, my parents had to DIScourage us from reading too much!! unfortunately we didn't listen and therefore got shortsighted =P hahah

  2. Evergreen: Oh yes, we loved ladybird books when we were young too! And at the rate we are going, little boy might be short-sighted too, looking at how both his parents are! :p

  3. We've read both the chinese & english of Curious George goes camping - courtesy of the national library *hehe*. My "baby" finds the Chinese version really really funny and would chuckle non-stop when the skunk gets to George. ;D

  4. Karmeleon: Oh cool, I never knew that the library had Chinese translations of Curious George! That might be useful since the boy is not too keen on reading Chinese books, will look out for them the next round! Thanks!

  5. I haven't searched online for Chinese Curious George, but in the 3 nearby libraries that I do go to, there seems to be only these 3 stories in Chinese (and multiple copies of them): the camping one, the one with the Dump Truck, and the one where he sees a Carnival Procession. That's it ... wish there were more.

    My son thinks the skunk is so funny and will keep reading that page over and over bc it says that the Skunk "放了一个屁" haha.

  6. Karmeleon: I think the little boy will find that VERY funny too! Do you happen to remember the titles in Chinese, and in which section to find it? I have no idea what Curious George is called in Chinese, and always get lost in the Chinese children section of the library...

  7. The series is called "好奇的乔治". You can view some of it online.

    Preview from an American site:

    Another Series that my little one likes is Kipper Dog "小狗卡皮":

    All available from national library.

  8. Karmeleon: Ok, thank you so so much! :) Will check out Kipper Dog too... I've been trying to find interesting Chinese books, but its been tough going, especially since hubby and I are not too strong in the language!



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