Thursday, June 2, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Its the little things...

... that help make Junior J's room cheerful:

:: Hand-made banners and little souvenirs from loved ones, sitting atop display boxes housing little treasures...

:: Artwork gleaned from overseas night markets, hanging on the walls...

:: And useful little things, like hooks for hanging clothes...

These are hung below the window, where Junior J can easily get to them.
He knows he has to hang up his clothes, and likes choosing between the crocodile and the rabbit!

... and a table for play, and for feeding your animals!

Just snapped this afternoon.  The boy had prepared lunch for his animals!

What are the favourite bits of your child's room?


  1. I love LOVE the touches in J's room! A very cosy one with practical bits. Bubbles' room is currently so make-shift! hee

  2. Love the handmade banner (does your friend have a shop?!) and how you name all the little corners! Will draw some inspiration from you when we get our own place and Sean gets his own room!

  3. u're so creative and just love your pictures! love it love it love it

  4. love your little sections! Am thinking of creating a little space for my niece and nephew in my home too..thanks for sharing!

  5. Corsage: Thank you! J's room was actually make-shift too, and it took more than 2 years of little projects and tweaking to get his room to the current stage it is in... :)

    Olimomok: Yes she does! Have emailed you the details. When are you guys getting your own place?

    Just Me: Thanks! :)

    Merdrey: Thank you... would love to see the little space when you are done, it must be filled with loads of scrappy creative goodness! :)



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