Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: The little reading corner

I've mentioned that the little boy loves to read, more so now that he's been running a fever for the past few days and isn't really up to much outdoor play.  So here's the little reading corner we have in his room, next to a shelf of books:

The papasan chair was actually shifted from our living room, after one of our guests sat in it and it broke (we got it repaired, but figured it would be safer seating a small boy in his room :p).  I love how kids can crawl into the chair and snuggle in there with a good read, and even babies (and bears, for that matter) can more or less sprawl in there comfortably:

And after having a good read, one can look up at the clouds floating by, and dream happy dreams:

These clouds accompany a hot-air balloon that hangs above the reading nook. :)  (Do try making some of these clouds, they are frightfully easy!  Details here.)

Oh, and if clouds aren't enough, there are little friends flying by in the balloon that will always be willing to listen to a story or two (or ten!)...

... and I especially love how the balloon lends a splash of colour to that little corner! :)

To see other corners of this room, click here, and here. :)  


  1. This is the loveliest kid's room I have ever, ever seen! :)

  2. Hi, this might be a bit trifle but what do you use to hang the clouds and balloon up? I've thought about hanging up something from the ceiling but don't know what's the best way to do it.

  3. Florence: Thank you! We do love hanging out in his room... :)

    Ruth: We used fishing line to hang all the stuff up, including the paper cranes etc. Its good cos its strong, cheap, plus it is almost invisible compared to using stuff like yarn!

  4. Jus, your reading corner looks so cosy! Just wondering about the hot-air balloon, that's off-the-shelf somewhere or did you make it yourself too? Saw the instructions for the clouds but not the balloon.

  5. Daphne: Its off the shelf! You can buy it at those shops selling all those cutesy stuff, I can't remember if we got it at Mini Toons or Action City... Alternatively, try getting a round paper lantern from Ikea, then you can paint it and add a paper cup below as the basket. :)

  6. haha - we don't have reading corners in the house. Only on the bed.

  7. Fishing line! Good idea, can get from those DIY shops? And what do you use to hang from the ceiling?

  8. Karmeleon: :) We actually read everywhere... in that corner, on the bed, on the sofa! The bed is probably the most comfy!

    Ruth: Yup, you can get it from DIY shops or Popular. Actually, I have a roll of it with plenty to spare, so I can always pop some in an envelope and post it to you? Its awfully light, and you probably will only need a few metres in total... drop me a mail?

    And to hang stuff, we drill hooks in since we don't dare use the 3M removable stuff in case it doesn't hold. I have no idea what those hooks are called, but they have the straight section that goes into the ceiling, and the curved part (that looks like the tail of a small letter "g") where you hang stuff.

  9. Lovely! Really liking the clouds and balloon! I think I spy Oliver Jeffer's book too :)

  10. oh how gorgeous! i will have to ask DH to do it cuz he's the 'crafty' one at home! i just love the hot air balloon! i just created a reading corner for him too! :)

  11. Chocklitmom: Heee heee yes you did! We got the mini set of 3 books. :) Thanks for introducing the books to us!

    Just me: That's great! Do upload photos of the new corner! :)



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