Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Bible stories for kids

While we've not been doing much bible-related activities these few months... Junior J and I have been reading stories from the Bible almost every day.  We used to try to read a story or two, plus a Bible passage every morning after he woke up, but that made the whole moving from bed to breakfast table process very long (especially on days the boy woke up grumpy!).  So now this routine has been shifted to at night.

Right now, the boy seems to prefer the stories about Jesus and the miracles he performed, compared to the stories of various people in the Old Testament.  Perhaps its because the whole myriad of characters in the OT can get pretty confusing.  However, he does have certain favourites, such as Noah, and Jonah (I think he just likes any story with animals in them!).

I've yet to find an ideal collection of Bible stories though.  We've been ping-ponging between the two books shown above (or sometimes we read actual passages from the NIV version, and then I paraphrase the passages), and I must say I prefer the ones in the Candle Bible for Kids.  Junior J also seems to be fascinated with the maps that have been included inside, but I'd admit I'll prefer something with less cartoony illustrations instead.  Does anyone have other titles to recommend?

Meanwhile, we're just glad to say that all those stories seem to be having a positive effect on the boy.  On days the boy is being difficult, you just have to ask him about "what happened to Jonah when he disobeyed God?".  He immediately gives in!  (But of course we try not to use this method if possible.)  We also get funny conversations like this one during breakfast:

Junior J (examining his spoonful of pear): God says I can eat pear!  And I can eat apple!

Me: Oh, did He tell you that?

Junior J: Yes, but I'm not supposed to eat the fruit!  (Referring to the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden)


  1. Kyle and I love this: The Beginner's Bible by Zonderkidz. We read a couple of stories from this children's bible everynight. Great illustration and the stories even though short do not lose the essence of the original story. Also the other title that we love is The Jesus Storybook bible by Sally Lloyd Jones. Once in a while, Kyle will ask for that, but it is my personal favorite. Great when little jude turns about 4. The author really can capture the picture of Jesus in every story, and makes it very clear to a child that the revelation of the word has been all about Jesus from the very beginning. Highly recommended!

  2. Wow I'm impressed with your dedication to read the Bible to him everyday! I must learn from you. It is such an important thing to do.

    One thing we've had to explain because of Bible stories is what is means to 'die'. Have you experienced that? My mum told her that it means you can't do anything - can't walk, talk, eat etc..etc. Would love to hear how other mums explain death to 2-year-olds!

  3. Rachel: Thank you so much for those recomendations! Will go and hunt for them, so far, have not been impressed by those that we've come across...

    Corsage: We do try, but I must admit some days he'd rather read Curious George books! Oh yes, that's one headache we've had. I just mentioned that it was to sleep, and never wake up again. Must think of a better way to explain it though, to bring across the gravity of dying...

  4. We read every night to the kid from The Beginners Bible by Candle Books, Bible Stories for Boys and Girls by Little Golden Books or Precious Moments Bible Classics. The Little Golden Books also has full length stories like David and the Lions Den.

  5. Part Time Domestic Goddess: We're using a similar one by Candle Books! :) Thanks for the other recommendations...

  6. Hmm... think my msg disappeared. This is great in the biblical theology, grame goldsworthy sense, also commended by before. We need to start reading it regularly! thanks for the reminder.

    Another good one for older kids' bedtime is this.

  7. Lynklee: Hey thanks! May I check where you got those books? Would SKS have it?



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