Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Dustballs, out!

I've been swinging like a pendulum for the past two weeks.  Ping-ponging between the two extremes of feeling extremely tired... and having these crazy bursts of energy where I start these cleaning frenzies in the middle of the night.

So since I've not been able to sleep, I've been able to turn this:

... into this.

This was our bedroom dresser.  Atrocious, wasn't it?  It used to be a dumping ground for stuff that had to go elsewhere, plus receipts and whatever else the hubby would empty from his pockets (those things sorta never got cleared!).  Now the dresser surface is clear, and I can finally use the CD player again!  There's also space for two more baskets, one for Baby J's toys (which have all been soaped and washed, yay!), and another to catch the normal pocket "debris" that comes out of the hubby's pockets (loose change, receipts and whatever else).  I hope the surface stays clear!


  1. Normal pocket 'debris'? Haha, looks like my hubby has company:)

  2. Denesa: Yes, I think you know what I mean. Crumpled up receipts, coins, name cards, lanyards, pens... "Debris" was the only term I could think of to describe the jumble of stuff!

  3. Lol sounds exactly like my hubby! Congrats again by the way! Hope baby J is adjusting nicely? How's big J taking to his brother?

  4. Angela: Thanks! :) He's doing much better now after a few weeks. Didn't know hubby was the same kind!



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