Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Let go and let God

Picture taken in Melbourne, in one of the parks.
 I can't remember which though!

Saturday came with pretty bad contractions, which were so frequent that we thought it was time to go down to hospital.  So we did more packing... but the contractions went away, so I guess Baby J decided to stay put for awhile (to our relief!).  The exhaustion these days has been pretty bad, and I've been falling asleep both in the mornings when the boy plays on his own, plus during his naps.  There have been a few "oh no, I don't know how things are going to be" kind of moments, like last night. That was when I realised that we will be going to have #2, and would then have to pack up our house a few months after, survive an 8 plus hour drive to visit hubby's parents with the two boys, drive back, unpack, pack again, then promptly move half-way across the world.  Again with everyone in tow.  Suffice to say I freaked out.

The hubby says I tend to be all "doom and gloom" (which makes all these thankful posts essential for me!), as I usually expect the worst to happen.  (He on the other hand, is the exact opposite.  This also means I tend to be a very through planner, though I get really stressed in the process, while he is a "play by ear" kind of person who tends to forget stuff... We more or less work well together, though we tend to drive each other nuts sometimes!)

Anyway, I am still trying to let go and let God, and perhaps this time of many question marks would be a long-drawn lesson for me to keep trusting in Him that knows our tomorrows.  So this week, I am thankful for:

:: His everlasting, never-changing nature.  That while circumstances change, we can still hang on to God and know that He is holy and perfect and loving.

:: The hubby, who reminds me to enjoy the journey.  Who also has been really patient and helpful around the house now that normal chores are getting harder to do, and is currently Junior J's self-declared "best buddy".

Junior J demonstrating how he got his face blue.

:: This little boy, who has been such a good boy for the past few weeks.

:: Little random collections around the house that make my heart smile.

:: Friends, who willingly agree to be put on call to baby-sit at anytime of the day/night, in the event that my parents are not contactable and I have to go to the hospital...

:: Rainy days that are perfect for reading Bob books in bed, and having mock picnics using the blankets.      

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Sounds like baby is coming soon! Don't worry too much about the little things. All the best :)

  2. beautiful pics, as usual :) letting God must be the best thing to do...hang in there!

  3. y'know, i freak out too, on the road trip to north. though we break the journey by staying over at my parents' place in kl. but seriously, the pack and unpack, the crying baby in the car but no R&R to pit stop... upon arrival, cleaning up the vacant house there before the little one can comfortably crawled and rolled was the one always kill me... we ended with seeking maid agency to do major cleaning before our arrival and kids seems used with the long distance drive... HY does help in packing somehow. Most of all, i realise that while hands on steering, it is a scenic drive on the highway, and moment of peace while all of them sleep in the car. also, going back means the little ones get to 'live' in daddy's kampung and more loves from the in-laws.

    occasionally, we surf to find cheap flight. I was telling my hubby that, let the others do the tired work to pick us and send us to airport. hahaha... we just have to look for alternative and beam at our little 'achievements'.

    i probably should thankful for those hurdles, so to speak...:)...

  4. Olimomok: Thanks... Yes, am trying to leave it to God, and go with the flow!

    Mamawearpapashirt: Thanks!

  5. PC: Yes, I totally know what you mean! But at least for us we don't need to clean up the place upon arrival!

    Thanks so much for the reminder to look at the bright side of things, like spending time with family, and the scenery (and not to mention, the good food! :p). You hang in there too!



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