Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Confinement

While Junior J has been having a good time running around with his Ah Kong and Ah Ma at playgrounds, and having a splashing good time at the pool with his Papa... I've been stuck in confinement.  Not that I'm complaining of course, since Baby J has been keeping me up every night.  Whatever the case, its been nice snuggling with our newest family member, and marveling at how tiny those toes are...

We've been getting to know his little quirks too.  He seems to save most of his poop til after 12 midnight.  He poops projectile motion fashion, and once managed to spray Mama, the bed and Papa's pillow with poop (the first time this has ever happened in my few years as a mom!).  He makes these funny bird-like noises that we find adorable.  He's rather skinny, and so mittens don't seem to stay very long on him... and he has these amazingly long nails:

Junior J has been vacillating between loving and hating his little brother.  One moment, he's trying to beat him, the next moment, he's willing to give him little kisses.  So we're praying hard he'll be able to adjust to Baby J's presence soon...   

Have a blessed week ahead!


  1. Awww... those toes are so sweet... and the last pic of Junior kissing Baby is so precious! :)

  2. Wow, those little nails are indeed long! Seeing the photos of Baby J brings back lots of fond memories of my boy when he was that little :)

  3. The pictures you've taken my friend, are incredible. That last image is sweetness without words.
    The things you've described... oh my, the mamma work is endless. It's terrible when you can't rest well and sleep well, but at the same time, everything you do is so natural and automatic. It's nature itself, don't you think?

  4. Congrats! Newborn babies are so adorable and their quirks make them even more endearing.

    Take care and rest well :)

  5. heheh projectiles!

    aww so beautiful! the memories those pictures have managed to capture. I'll be praying for Junior J as he gets accustomed to Baby J =) being a younger sibling myself, I can't say I am able to empathise with him, but still!

  6. Dotz: The last photo is my fav! :)

    Ruth: Oh yes! Was rather amazed at seeing them when we first saw the lil fellow!

    Euphoria: Yes, I guess God does give us all that extra strength as mummies to plow through the sleepless nights and all!

  7. Joce: Thanks! :)

    Evergreen: Thanks for the prayers! And yes, very lethal projectiles!



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