Friday, January 20, 2012

The ride of our life

We left the hotel Wednesday afternoon and headed home.  We only managed to check out at around one, since we all overslept and then Junior J and the hubby went to the pool.  Baby J threw up for the fourth time, and I ended up trying to pack up with him strapped to me.  Junior J threw a tantrum while we were trying to pack, insisting that we carried him.  Before that, he tried to do a WWF stunt on his brother by jumping off the side of the sofa onto the bed on which baby J was lying on, and got smacked for that.  Understandably we weren't in too good a mood by the time we left, but everything proceeded smoothly and we reached Seremban (after getting lost for a bit) and had a yummy beef noodle lunch (everything else was already closed!).

We were leaving Seremban when the hubby heard a "pop" sound, and the car's air con DIED.  So we had to drive 3 hours in sweltering hot weather (it was 30 plus outside and sunny) back to Singapore, without any air con.  We couldn't open the windows, since the wind would have caused a lot of drag.  We had two options: either use the fan to circulate warm air around the car, or pipe air from outside into the car.  Either way, it just meant we were traveling in a sauna.  At high speed.  In the end, we opted for both: we piped air in most of the time, and switched to just circulating the air when we drove near heavy vehicles belching exhaust fumes.  Thankfully, when the heat began to get unbearable, it started to rain.  I have never been so thankful for rain in my whole life!  But the rain stopped after about 20 minutes, and things started heating up again.

Then we made a rest stop to feed baby J, plus check on him, since we were worried he might overheat.  He was drenched so we decided to just leave him in only his diaper! So we zoomed all the way back to SG and crossed customs (the immigration folk must be wondering why our baby was almost naked).  Breathed a sigh of relief, only to get stuck in a jam.  One that crawled on for 30 minutes.  Baby J started to cry, so I managed to squirm to the back to carry him.  After inching forward bit by bit for what seemed like eternity, I started feeling claustrophobic.  The back of the car was even hotter than the front, and I was wedged between 2 car seats, holding the sweaty hand of a toddler and carrying a very hot, bothered and squirmy baby.  I think if the jam continued, I might have opened the door and make a run for it.  To anywhere, just away from that furnace of a car!

Finally made it home.  Cool showers have never felt so good before!  All in all, we're thankful that even though we were traveling in terrible conditions, Junior J didn't fuss at all, and was content to nap for the first part and then drink his cold juice for the second part.  Baby J also managed to nap for some time, even in the heat.  Whatever the case, we've decided that for March's trip back to Penang, we'd better fly back instead!


  1. Wow, can't believe you went thru that, cos the weather has been super hot. Glad you're back safe and sound! :) Btw I replied your email!

  2. Seems like baby is having lots of reflux. My paed always links that to feeding. Maybe can feed him less/ less often?

  3. Glad nothing more than a 'pop' happened! Once, I remember after we sent our cousins to the airport at night, on the way home, we turned on the air con and smoke started coming out from under the bonnet! We pulled to the side of the road and waited for about 3hrs for mechanic people to come help. In the end, they couldn't find anything wrong anyway!

    But yes, maybe flying is better next time ;)

  4. What a nightmare! Hats off to you guys for traveling with Baby J though, I have a JB wedding to attend in April and my first instinct was to say "No way!"

  5. oh wow! what a ride indeed! we had the option of flying, taking a train or bus or car when we went to the Gold Coast last year. Plane = 1hour plus, bus + train + an eternity. I chose plane and plus you could make the plane ride fun by bringing activities and oh, our dvd player was a lifesaver.

    ps. just wondering how is it that government allows forward facing car seats for babies under 1 in Singapore? it is a no-no for us here in Australia.

  6.! Ok, you've just made me feel for deciding not to drive up for the hols! I was thinking baby doll might be a handful to deal with in the car! And oh wow! you actually sat in the front seat? I've always had to sit at the back with no1... And now for no.2. Otherwise the driver Would not have peace for hours! Where's the yummy beef noodle by the way?

  7. Dotz: Thanks! And sorry, I've just replied you! Its been a busy few days!

    Lynklee: Ya, his reflux has been BAD. I'm already feeding him less, since now he should be able to take both sides but he's only getting one side. Thanks for the reminder! ;)

  8. Dr N Epel-Adei: Eeek, ok now you make me thankful it was just no air con and nothing explosive or smoky!

    Evelyn: Haha, guess we are used to traveling long distances... so did you say yes to the invite?

  9. Just Me: Yup, we've flown before and Junior J is ok on the plane. Think its just baby J that isn't such a good traveller yet... And that's odd, both our car seats are rear-facing. I was standing outside the car when I took the picture! But I think people do face their kids forward after a year...

    Homeschool@SG: Haha, I used to have to sit with Junior J last time, but when he got older we'd put him on his own. Now with 2 car seats, its very cramped for me to sit behind anyway. I think if baby has set nap times, and you drive during those naps, it should be pretty ok, kids sleep pretty well in the car!

    The beef noodle stall is found in the hawker centre above the big wet market in Seremban... you can ask around for the market! ;)

  10. Oh wow, what an ordeal to go through with 2 young kids. Glad you made it back safely!



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