Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday scrapping: Mini albums for gramps

You know grandparents love to whip out their phone/camera/photo album from their bag and show you photos of their grandkids?  I know my in-laws love to do that, so I intially planned to make little mini albums for them as Christmas presents.  But December went by and I didn't manage to get down to doing them until this week!  This is my MIL's one:

This is still my fav shot of my MIL and Junior J when he was a baby.  Love the light in the photo!

There are various shots of her with the grandkids (my SIL just gave birth to a boy end Dec so they are overrun with grandsons), and other family shots.  12 pictures in total:

This round, I kept the embellishments simple.  Nowadays, I have not much time to scrap, especially with Junior J waking up a couple of times every night.  And I had to scrap at the dining table, so I didn't want to flood it with a whole mess of scrap stuff!  

Anyway, this folds up nicely into a small little book that she can carry in her handbag to show her friends:

Hope she likes it... Now I've gotta run, will share the grandpa's one next week


  1. hi hi, these albums are lovely!!

  2. very nice.. :) am sure the granparents are loving it.

  3. Faridah: Thanks for popping by! And thank you. :)

    Gloria: I hope they do! And thanks! :)



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