Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend wanderings: We made it!

Call me a ninny, but I've yet to venture out alone with both the boys.  I've no problems bringing either of the boys out, but not together.  So when we missed the Saturday service last week (We had lunch with the hubby's friends on Saturday to chat about their stay in Germany, and Junior J's nap got pushed back), I was very hesitant about bringing the kids to church on my own on Sunday (hubby was supposed to be working).  In the end I decided to give it a try, and after a lot of chasing and rushing we managed to get out of the house and into a cab:  

I thought I could just drop Junior J off at Sunday school, and then I'd just have to manage baby J during the service.  Turned out that there was family service instead, where the kids stay with their parents thoughout the entire service!  We ended up sitting on the floor in front of the stage where all the kids were seated.  Baby J couldn't nap since it was really noisy, so I had to run out to pat him to sleep.  Thankfully, some friends were around to help babysit Junior J!  Between them, and passing out crackers and crayons, we managed to keep them more or less occupied.  Phew!  

All in all, it was a pretty fruitful weekend, with lots of play:

I managed to also meet up with Junior J's godma for lunch and a nice long chat... Oh and on Monday, we also managed to pop by PageOne, and bought a whole pile of books at 70% off:

Just the right book for the boy now!

And we made a discovery: Junior J loves to eat lemons!  He's one funny boy...

My guys in green.  At Marche. :)

Hope your weekend was a blessed one! :)


  1. Praise the Lord! You can do it. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

  2. Oh wow! That's remarkable! The Husband and I are hesitant to venture out with both girls even when there's two of us. Heh!

  3. You are a very brave mother!
    (About the lemons: my daughter loves them, too!)

  4. Was Junior J really sucking on the lemon? So brave of you to bring both boys out. I suppose it will get better in time to come when Junior J is older and more independent.

  5. Juliana: Thanks! :) Just the right verse to encourage!

    Anya's mom: :) It really helped that our church friends were around to keep an eye on the older boy!

  6. Euphoria: Lara loves them too? I've always been puzzled at how they could eat such sour stuff! Funny kids!

    Susan: Yes he was! He sucked the whole thing dry and asked for another piece! And yes, I certainly hope so!



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