Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: In the rock tumbler

A mummy friend recently recommended me to read "Loving the Little Years", by Rachel Jankovic.  This was what she had to say about her life with family:  
"But God took me out of that life and threw me into the rock tumbler.  Here, it is not so easy to feel godly, because we spend our days crashing into each other and actually getting our problems addressed."
Its been like that these days.  Us rocks, sharp and scratchy, tumbling about, sometimes knocking into each other.  Like those days where hubby comes back frustrated from work, and starts scolding about this and that.  Or when Junior J doesn't listen and plays with his food and makes a mess.  Rubbed the wrong way.  Friction.  And friction sometimes rubs raw.

But as we crash and bang... imperfect people living in an imperfect world, the rock tumbler also helps to refine us.  After all, many things of beauty come as a result of friction or pressure.  Pearls.  Smooth river stones.  Diamonds.  And as we tumble, the friction might even help to polish those around us.  So this week, I am trying to be thankful for being in this rock tumbler, because I learn how to be more patient and loving, and it also yield moments like these:

Baby J is hatching out of the egg!

Delighted with a present he received from a restaurant we ate at.

Flowers at the table where we have meals everyday.

New milestone: He's been starting to use a sippy cup.

Simple weekend breakfasts together.

Fresh veggies for soup stock, to fill hungry tummies.

Its summer now, and weather is warming up.  Perfect for walks!

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Very nice perspective of being in a tumbler. I will be thinking of pearls emerging from tumblers and also be thankful I'm not thrown in a blender. :) Have a good summer week

  2. thank you for this great reminder to be thankful despite being in a rocky place. i love this 'rock tumbler' imagery...i'm feeling like in an extreme rock tumbler myself as you would have read in my Mad Monday post. But yes, indeed iron sharpens one man the other...ours being our teeny mini-mes. Praying for your days to fill up with more sunshine! Hugs.

  3. NerdyMum: Hahahaha... blender? Then we'll be pearl powder! :) Take care and have a great week too!

    Sarah: Yes, I wrote this while feeling like I wasn't alone, after reading your post! Will keep you in prayer too... hang in there!

  4. That was an inspiring write-up, I can totally relate! It's always great to be thankful and think of all the wonderful things that happened since we became mums! =) Oh, and I always to see your pics because they are so beautiful! Just followed you on GFC, be in touch soon!

  5. Summer: Thanks Summer! Yes, keep in touch, will swing by again soon! :)

  6. Summer: Thanks Summer! Yes, keep in touch, will swing by again soon! :)



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