Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gone fishing (Our DIY fishing game)

We've been learning about the ocean for the past week or so, and we've been fishing!  A friend shared an idea for a fishing activity on her Facebook page, and I thought it was great, so here's our own version.  All you need would be a magnet, which you need to attach to some yarn:

I was afraid the magnet might come loose, so I wrapped it in netting (from those bags of garlic?),
and tied that up.

Then just tie the yarn to a stick (or even a disposable chopstick):

We used a twig we found during our walks.  It was peeling and quite rough,
so I wrapped it up using some ribbon recycled from a gift.

Then print and laminate some fish (I got mine from here), and attach paper clips to them:

And have fun catching them, without having to deal with fishy smells or worms!

I used the remaining part of the garlic bag to keep the fishes. :)

Its been keeping the boy busy for the past few days.  Even I am having fun catching fish!

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