Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made: Our crazy coral reef

It started off with us reading so many books on the ocean.  Thinking the boy might like to build his own mini coral reef, I printed some pictures of corals (printable here) and we cut them out together:

Then the boy asked to have more corals, so we did some printing on recycled pieces of paper from packaging:

And cut them out to form more corals:

He decided he'd paste up the fishes that he'd caught in his fishing game, so he got some blue tack and got busy giving the fishes a new home:

Here's Nemo (Junior J pronounces it as "Meemo" which makes me smile) in his own anemone:

I printed more marine creatures from this set of printables, added paper clips and let the boy go on another fishing trip.  He caught all of them, and we matched and he pasted their names up too:

We were having so much fun, we went for more fishing trips (using this set of printables) and caught more creatures:

He stuck the crown of thorns starfish far away from the corals so that it wouldn't eat them, haha!

Then we were really on a roll, so we made a sea turtle (we held the boy's hand during the cutting process, and he stuck everything on):

... as well as jellyfish (he painted the paper using water colours and we cut the paper up):

To top off the whole scene, I wrote out the words "God made the sea" and got him to decorate them:

Those red things are jellyfish.  They are his art speciality!

... and every day we would read some verses and stories from the Bible relating to the sea, and pasted some verses up (I've uploaded the verses here, right click to save):

And here you have it, our very own coral reef!  Its looking a little crazy right now with so many creatures!


  1. WOW! turtle's my favourite. And awesome little jellyfish drawings, little boy!

  2. This is so cool!! Can I borrow the idea for David's birthday party decor? :D

  3. Littlebluebottle: Haha, thanks! Will let him know! :)

    Dotz: Sure thing, have fun creating, and happy birthday in advance to big brother D!

  4. Looks amazing! By the way, a good book about coral reefs that we enjoyed was "Coral Reefs" by Gail Gibbons. It's a non-fiction book, but well-written and with lots of interesting drawings. Actually, I love all Gail Gibbons books! You can check her out :)

  5. That is some coral reef!! Lovely!

  6. Awesome lesson on God's wonderful creation! love the set up! : ) Sharing on my GH fb.



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