Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: The bigger story

We were walking in a garden, when Junior J noticed the bees, flying from flower to flower.

"Mama!  The bees are pollinating the flowers!", he exclaims, peering at the insects.  I gently remind him that the bees were actually collecting nectar (or pollen), but indirectly helping in the process of pollination.

We stand there watching the bees for a while.  They industriously gather, and fly to another flower, only to repeat the process.  Again and again.  All this while working, while taking part in a bigger story, of helping to form new life.  By transferring pollen grains to stigmas, they unknowingly help to make new plants.

And I am thankful for the reminder that perhaps we are like the bees.  That as we go about the humdrum of daily life, finishing chores, doing work that never seems to end, we are part of a bigger story.  That the little things we do might be making a difference.  That God can take our five loaves and two fish, and in the greater scheme of things, feed many.

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. What an important and wonderful reflection. Yes, too often we cry 'meaningless' like the prophet, but God sees the greater plan in it all.

  2. Stunning pictures of the bees and flowers!!

  3. Littlebluebottle: Yes He does! But I guess I always need reminders, especially when the daily grind gets to me!

    Dr N Eple Adei: Thank you! I love your photos of nature too! :)



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