Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{DIAL} Evelyn's day: The story of my life, hour by hour

Evelyn's probably one of the coolest mums that I know. After all, how many mums have played in a rock band? That aside, she also has the knack of picking out really good reads, both for adults and for kids (see her "Read around the world" booklist here), and her blog is one of my regular reads, with its monthly themes and interesting posts.

She's a stay-home mum to Layla and Z, and is living proof that your social life can actually improve after baby's arrival. How does her day look like? Read on to find out!


9AM: The kids are up from 7, but this is the husband's daily present to me: He lets me sleep in till 9 whenever he can. Sometimes I get up to smiles and sunshine; at other times, someone's having a less-than-rosy morning. Today it's Layla's turn.

9.20AM: Good news! Alf is taking Layla out to the park to skate (him on his longboard, her on her skate scooter), which means I get to have a coffee in the morning instead of just thinking about it.

9.45AM: The skaters in the family are off, and it's just Baby Z and me left to watch the morning go by. Will he nap? Signs point to "No."

10AM: Z's found his new plaything for the morning: Our coffee table.

10.55AM: Z, after his third poopy diaper change of the morning and a new outfit, thanks to a cod liver oil spill. He's starting to look glassy eyed.

11.10AM: Uh-oh, when are Alf and Layla getting back? School's at 12.30 and if Layla isn't done with her lunch by 11.30, there'll be shouting and more tears.

12.07PM: It's rush hour around here. Layla showers, lunch is settled, consent forms are signed, snacks are packed, and the bottle is filled. Z's still awake. Layla's uniform is crumply but she's already put it on, and I let it go.

12.20PM: Have you had one of those days where you wonder if you'll ever make it out the front gate? I feel a bad mood rising, but I'm consoled by the thought of Z napping soon.

12.54PM: Almost home again after dropping Layla off in school. Oh joy, Z's nodding off in the carrier!

1.47PM: Oops. Made the mistake of trying to dope a drowsy Z with milk, which was exactly what he needed to recharge. It's at least another hour before we get to enjoy The Nap.

3.30PM: My mother-in-law shows up to relieve me of my Z shift. I hurry around gathering Layla's ballet gear.

4.15PM: I'm waiting to collect Layla from school when I notice a surprise message from Alf. Looking forward to some adult company at last.

6PM: Ballet class is over and with our friends, we walk to the nearest cafe for dinner. The three little girls play together, but sometimes it's two versus one.

8.25PM: Almost home! Next up for Layla and Z: Shower, milk, and lights out.

10PM: Million dollar question: Will Z sleep through the night? Till then, it's all about me!


Have you recorded your day in pictures?  If you have, link-up here, and take a peek at the lives of other mums too!


  1. Love your pics, E, as always! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek into your day!

  2. I've stopped wondering if Lil Pumpkin will sleep through the whole night now :P Wishing you beautiful days every day :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. You ARE cool! And even though you had quite a bit on your hands, you remained cool. :) Love the bit where the man asked you for kopi!!

  4. 9am!!!! Highly jealous I is!! Oh I do agree with the "load baby up with milk in the hope he will sleep longer" thing

  5. ...and I wonder how you always manage to look cool and composed! :)

  6. Love the pics! And what a lucky gal you are - 9am?!?! haha.. Can I get Felix to talk to Alf about how he does it? :p

  7. So the big secret of my day is out: the 9AM wake time! Also I swear this is the first time the husband has sent me a coffee date message, must've read the complaints off my blog! As for looking cool and composed, that's just my regular deadpan expression!

    Jayne: As I told Adora, Alf being home means he's not out there making us some money! I'd better enjoy these chill days while they last; technically my year off work has ended too, now that Z's officially 1!



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