Saturday, October 6, 2012

{DIAL} Lyn's day: Just another Saturday of being us

How does your weekend look like? Are they usually action-packed ones with outings, or times to just chill and rest at home? I think for most working mums, weekends mean precious time spent with family, and Lyn is no exception.

Lyn's a mum to two lovely little girls aged 4 years, and 18 months. She's been incredibly blessed with support at home, and works at a job she loves. Lyn blogs whenever she gets a chance to, so as to remember the little stitches that knit up our lives. Oh, and she scraps too! Read on to find out how her weekend is like...


I get to spend more time with the kids on weekends, as opposed to being at work most of my waking hours during weekdays. We've learnt from experience that we should not commit to more than one excursion a day, but it's usually fun when the four of us head out to a museum or a park . On a typical Saturday, we'd head over to the paternal gramps' in the morning for the kids to spend time with them. Breakfast is more often than not at the hubby's favourite hawker stall, where we take turns to feed the kids hard boiled eggs and kuay chap.


On those weekends where there are no gatherings, birthdays, church meetings to attend, we have the time to potter around and do craft such as this during the day.


Then after homecooked lunch at home, we'd all proceed for the afternoon nap. Nap time is a must, and i intend to cling onto it with the tenacity if not desperation of a shipwrecked man to driftwood. Their mood improves so remarkably after a nap, and deteriorates so terribly if they skipped it. Though i admit that K can actually last the day without a nap if she didn't have to exert herself too much in the day, nap time still gives everyone else a chance to rest or do non-caregiving activities/chores. On saturdays, usually I'd put B to sleep and my lovely MiL and SiL (if she's at home) will cuddle up with K after reading more than 10 short stories. They usually also help to bathe the kids on Saturdays our girls are very fortunate to have very hands on grandparents on both sides, who have really kept to their side of the bargain after incessantly encouraging us to have babies. In the evenings, we'd eat out, sometimes at a place like this.


Always thankful that my kids love their food. Whilst they might be picky at times, thedon't reject food or take a long time to eat. K is adept at feeding herself, whilst B shows a strong independent streak as she insists on holding her own cutlery and cup, to shovel/tip whatever food she can into her mouth. Sometimes, if dinner ends early, we'd head out for ice-cream at Udders or Macs, just the four of u. Figured best to entertain the kids and tire them out so they'd go out like a light once we get home around 9.


And home we head to rest, to prepare for the Lord's day! Hubby is a great help as we divide and conquer, putting one girl each to bed, with lullabies galore.


Have you recorded your day in pictures?  If you have, link-up here, and take a peek at the lives of other mums too!

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  1. Oh my gosh Lyn, I KNOW THIS STEAMBOAT PLACE and love it too!!!!!!!!!!!!



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