Friday, October 12, 2012

{DIAL} Rachel's day: A WAHM's typical Friday

Mention the word "mumpreneur", and immediately Rachel comes to mind. Rachel left her brand marketing job in 2008 to be a SAHM when her son was barely a year old. In those 4 years, she pursued further education in Early Childhood and co-founded a Early Childhood home-learning website, My She then founded the Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) community this year, and has recently started up a social media brand management company. She certainly is one busy and passionate mum!

In a regular weekday, Rachel spends most of her daytime hours working out of home in libraries, cafes or visiting clients’ offices for meetings, and her evenings entertaining her little boy. On top of this, she still manages to blog at "Catch Forty Winks", where she chronicles her parenting journey. She is a self-confessed dreamer, a reformed clothes-horse and wannabe photographer. So how does this mumpreneur's day look like? I'll leave her to share her Friday with us!


7:45am – Boy and Dog. Agreeable to share breakfast.
Dog greets boy at breakfast, while I prepare boy’s snack box for school.

8.30am – Boy at Childcare. Feeling defeated.
A grumpy morning, since he has failed to convinced me to pick him up at 1230pm and switch to half-day sessions at Childcare.

9.00am – Mom has Otah toast with Teh-si for breakfast. Pensively reading bible devotionals on mobile, in the midst of noisy chattering in a coffee-shop.

10.00am – Laptop connected online. Resolute to complete all the work tasks for today.
I find a seat in library and start my average 8 hour day online: responding to emails, reading social media research articles and sites, keeping track of clients’ brands activities online, vetting through articles, strategizing ideas for new projects. Occasionally working on content for and personal blog.

11.30am – Songkok and Polka dotted sweater. Amused by office politics.
Office politics come in the form of observing people’s interactions in my mobile work place (which changes every other day).

The secondary school boy with a Songkok seated opposite gives the evil eye to the tertiary student seated next to me. Songkok boy definitely does not agree with Black White Leopard Prints Sweater boy’s fashion sense.

1.30pm – Lunch and notebook. Distracted by ideas for a new proposal.

2.00pm – Mom in Car. Slightly bewildered by the route to get to the next location.

2.20pm – Mom at Reception Area. Enthusiastically thinks of solutions to resolve issues in a current campaign, while patiently waiting to meet client for a work-in-progress meeting.

4.00pm – Mom returns to Car. Relieved and feeling a little triumphant with client’s agreement to the proposed ideas.
Then drives to boy’s childcare to pick him up.

4.30pm – Boy at Swim class. Mom reclines on the deck chair, reads a new book and catches up on Facebook activities at the poolside.

6.00pm – Boy showers then watches cartoons. Mom and son sprawl languidly on the sofa, and stone in front of the TV.

7.00pm – Dinner and Boy gets eye patch. Yielding to his regular eye training sessions, after being patched daily since mid August.

7.45pm – Eye Patch, Lego and Playmobile figurines. Patching and eye-training continues as we build quirky battle scenes and colourful Lego cities.

8.45pm – Pens and Drawing Paper. Inspired to sketch Ninjas brandishing mega swords after watching an earlier cartoon on Ninjas.

9.30pm – Bed and bedtime stories. Boy placidly sets up his bed and selects the books for a read-aloud session. Hears the front door open and dad emerges into bedroom, boy greets dad warmly with a hug.

10.15pm – Boy is tucked under the blanket. Lights out, say a prayer.

10.45pm – Boy sleeps and Mom sneaks quietly…
away to go back to work on her laptop. While whispering a short catch up with Dad on his day.

1.00am – Droopy eyelids and Mom. Sluggish after a long day.
My head hits the pillow, I whisper a prayer, drifts off to sleep while thinking about what I have to do the next week. Truly thankful, that the weekend is finally here for some family time and time-off from work.


TGIF, and have a blessed weekend! Have you recorded your day in pictures?  If you have, link-up here, and take a peek at the lives of other mums too!


  1. Oh, I recognize that office :) My prev office was in the same building complex. Can understand the bewilderment at getting there! Really like K's artwork!

  2. Thanks for sharing YOUR day, Rachel!
    And also for always listening to us complain :D

  3. V - was bewildered when I got there the first time...hehe...for this post I was confused how to get from Bishan to that area (which is common problem from me :P)

  4. Regina - Thanks for reading it :) I always make a point to sneak a peak at FB whenever I am able to, and interact with the group. It's such a major part of my life now.



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