Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Small Spaces} D's room

Today, Dotz is sharing her son's room with us! I love her crafty little blog, and this is what she has to say about herself:

I'm a stay-at-home mum who loves having the excitement, challenges and beauty that each day brings. Every day is a new opportunity to learn more about love and to trust God for all the little and big moments, through both joys and trials. I have two boys, big D, 2+, and little D, 4.5 months, and one big boy aka hubby, who is my pillar of support and the voice of reason in all situations. I love all my boys very much!

 In my spare time, I love to scrap simple layouts and projects, because I believe in cherishing every precious memory. Along the way, I've learnt that it's better not to aim for the perfect layout or artpiece, because there are too many moments to capture! Better to enjoy the journey and move on... :) I also do customized scrapbooking pieces and cards as a small home business. You can find me at Dottieshop.


Ever since we knew number #2 was on the way, we decided to move our older boy, big D, to his own room. That was when he was about 15 months old. Thankfully, he adjusted very quickly to his new 'big boy bed' and surroundings! Over the months, we've been adding bits and bobs to his room and around the house, to make it more child-friendly and fun! Come, have a look...

The view when you enter the room - on a neat day. We put a mattress next to his bed in event of night-time tumbles. It's also handy when I'm playing with both boys in the room, as the mattress doubles up as a play mat for little D to roll around on! As you will see, most of the furniture in the room is from good old Ikea.

The chest of drawers which serves as the boys' 'wardrobe'. Each boy has a drawer, and the bottom drawer holds bedding, towels, swim diapers and a few other odds and ends...

Their bookshelf is pretty full at the moment. It fits snugly under the window. We love to read!

Against the other wall in the room are their toys. Stuffed animals, mostly inherited from their dad and I, go into the mesh cylindrical containers on the floor. Duplo blocks take up one container on wheels, and the other is filled with anything transport-related, including an aeroplane, several cars and a train... The cupboard holds big D's art materials, while the shelves above contain more toys! Didi's rattles and various puzzles fill the boxes on the lower shelf for now.

Here's a closer look! Everything thrown nilly willy into the boxes, as you can see... ;) If you ask me, I think they have way too many toys... :(

Some precious items for the wall. The otter picture was beautifully illustrated by the clever Dawn Tan of handmade-love, the birdcage print is a gift from a good friend, and the colourful masterpiece was one of big D's first attempts at finger painting!

So, you might be wondering where that painting took place? Well, to avoid messing up the room too much, we created a little study/play corner for the boys outside in the living room. It's where big D gets his painting and colouring done, and does crafts with me once in a while. Little D normally sits near us in his comfy chair while we do art, so we can include him in our conversations.

Thanks for visiting our little space! :)


I especially love all those little personal touches on the wall. Thanks Dotz for sharing your boys' space with us! Do drop by tomorrow to take a peek into a lovely little girl's room, and drop us a note if you have a small space to share with us!


  1. I read this and couldn't help laughing:

    "Each boy has a drawer, and the bottom drawer holds bedding, towels, swim diapers and a few other odds and ends..."

    I have 2 girls, see, and we have that same set of chest of drawers, and struggle to close it everyday, and it doesn't even house bedding, towels, swim diapers or any other odds and ends!!

    1. Haha!! Man, if I had a girl, they would probably EACH have a set of those drawers... ;)



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