Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Small Spaces} Little J's playroom makeover

We're still looking at play corners today, but this time, we get to witness a makeover! I think one of the most important things for a play space would be to make toys and materials accessible to the child, and this space certainly has met that criteria! Jolin will be sharing about how they re-did their son's room to make it the inviting space that it is.

Jolin is a full time working mum to a toddler boy and wife to a wonderful husband. She blogs at The Js Arena, where she shares about the development of her growing-way-too-fast boy, activities they do together as a family and all things fun.


Little J has a room but he does not sleep there. He prefers to sleep squeezing in between us on our bed. So this room has become his activities room. This is the place for him to play, to learn and to grow. We thought that the current state of the room is not able to fulfill his growing needs. Hence, we decided to have a makeover.
Before the makeover, this room was just a simple room. 4 walls with only 2 cabinet drawers for his clothes, packets of diapers and toys dumped in boxes or strewn all over the floor.

We realized that the room was too cluttered. Toys were not categorized and were all thrown into boxes. Some of them were already outgrown. Books were also thrown in together with the toys. This explained why Little J does not even want to touch his toys. He does not want to dig in the boxes. 
The big items like the playgym and tunnel were also taking up valuable space. There was also no differentiation between his changing and playing area. Most importantly, there was no proper table for him to use. 
We decided to get proper cupboard to keep his toys, a proper table for him to do his learning and crafts and designate a reading area. We are also going to clear off the things which he does not need.
And tadaa… After the makeover.

Toys are organized and kept behind cabinets. Unwanted items are taken out. Wall decals are put up on the walls to make the room look more kiddy. His favorite is cars, so the decals are also car-themed.

The soft toys are displayed on the shelves. That's our family photo. I am intending to add on more photos to the wall.

We want to keep the room simple, so I have decided to practice toy rotation. Most of the toys will be kept away and those that I want him to play will be place in this box. The contents will be changed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Books are kept in this open shelf to allow him to have access anytime he wants. 

This is the reading corner. The books featured here will be changed on a weekly / bi-weekly basis. 

There is a proper table and chairs for Little J for him to do his scribbling and crafts. His crafts are also hung up on the wall.  

Here are some photos of Little J in action.

After a day of play, the room is in a mess again. But at least this means that he loves playing here!


I think Little J must really enjoy playing in this play corner of his, and I hope Jolin's makeover of his play space has inspired you. Do you have a child's space to share with us? If so, drop us a note at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com, and we'll feature it here! And come back tomorrow for a little girl's play corner!

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