Saturday, November 24, 2012

{Small Spaces} A little reading nook

How do you fit 3 little kiddoes in a room, plus find space for them to play and read? Today, we have Shereen to share how she does that, and give us a glimpse into the reading nook in her kids' room.

Here's what she has to say about herself: I'm Shereen, mother to JED and owner of JED Packs!, a little blog business borne from the need to do something unrelated to parenting. I went from resisting motherhood for fear of losing my identity to having 3 kids in a span of 2 1/2 years! I'm occasionally declared a Food Nazi and a Tiger Mom but I'm totally cool with that!

Diaperbag follows JED through their daily adventures. Because looking after them and working at the same time requires more than 24 hours in a day, there is a snippet version of their lives recorded on The Mighty Adventures of JED. What is written in here is for posterity. So that when Jordan, Evan and Dylan grow up, they can read this and will know what funny, annoying, exasperating, touching and fun things they did as they were growing up. They will also know how much fun they were to have around as children, and how much I ache every day to see them grow up so quickly. 


I took this series of pictures of their little reading nook that they use a lot, especially before bedtime. It is tough because all 3 of them share a king sized bed that takes up most of the space in the room. But they somehow manage although there is fighting involved occasionally. We use the low storage box, which contains all the extra bed sheets, as a table.  . The pictures on the wall are Evan's paintings that we put up on their Tiffany blue wall. 

All three, even the little Muffin love sitting there before bed. He is either on the toy computer like his father, or pretending to read a book like his sister does. 

Muffin had forgotten to keep the Gruffalo, his favorite book, after he was done with it.

Jordan also uses the area to preen herself with her little Hello Kitty dresser and like her brother, she had forgotten to put away her little knick knacks.

The pictures on the wall belong to Evan and he was very proud of us putting them up on the Tiffany blue wall. 

My favorite part of their little nook is actually the height chart, that has got the heights of the 3 children with their corresponding ages. It's amazing how tiny they are and how quickly they grow!


I loved the idea of the height chart, as well as those paintings on the wall by Evan. Thanks for sharing the reading nook, Shereen! Do you have a small space to share with us? If so, do drop us an email at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com, and do hop by later for more design inspiration for our usual "Saturday Surfing" post!

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