Thursday, November 22, 2012

{Small Spaces} Two little corners

How does one carve out space for kids when space is a constraint? Today, we have Madeline sharing how she manages to set up two little cozy corners in her home for her daughter. I love how bright and cheery both corners are, and how she managed to personalize the corners with artwork and toys!

Madeline is a research psychologist and is mum to a two year old. She blogs over at MadPsychMum (Breastfeeding mums, you should check out her nursing room reviews, since she has reviewed over 70 nursing rooms in Singapore and overseas!). She loves to paint and craft in her free time, and you can view her creations here.


With houses getting smaller and smaller, it's hard to be able to set aside spaces for your children. More so when we're a family of 5 (4 adults & 1 child) living under the same roof. My girl doesn't even have the privilege of having her own room!

But with some creativity, I did manage to create spaces where she knows is her own and she can play at. One of her play corners that I've created for her is at the living room.

Play Corner #1

This is done with the help of a set of table and chairs handed down to her from her cousins, some alphabet mats and a big soft toy.

Doing her "art" at the table
Colourful alphabet mats always bring cheer to any corner!
Some of her best craft works done in school or church were also displayed on the wall to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

Wall of Art =)

The second space I created for her is at the corner of my room, which is also where she sleeps at night.

Play Corner #2

Shelves full of books and a sofa seat with her favourite toys make up this space. She spends a lot of time her flipping through her favourite books..

"Mama see! Daddy come back already!"

And enjoying the awesome view =)

It's really not difficult to set up a space for your child! All you need to do is make it their own =)


And I totally agree with her! Thank you, Madeline, for sharing your daughter's cozy corners. Do you have a child's space to share? Drop us an email at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com... stay tuned for a giveaway later today, plus take a peek into a shared boy's room tomorrow!


  1. Mad! The small corner look so neat! My son used to have a huge play area but I can never keep up with him, he is messing it up faster then I can pack. I shld have reduced that play area that time hehehe~

    What did u use to put the art work on the wall? Blue tack? I used to use those but they tends to harden after some time and the art work starts fall off the wall OR the blue tack remove some paint when I peel them off.

  2. love the bright, vibrant colours in each of her spaces! :)
    and they are so very neat!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Thanks Jen & Ai! Yah not much space so have to keep the area small haha



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