Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little letters

Junior J loves receiving mail in the letterbox, and we have been sending postcards addressed to him and baby J when we travel. Recently, he's also starting "writing" to a couple of penpals (mostly back in SG). He's always been reluctant to learn how to write, but on certain days, he asks me to hold his hand while I guide him in writing simple letters to his friends. Some days we send off postcards, decorated liberally with animals, some days it's letters written using markers.

Its quite a joy to see the exchanges these penpals have: handmade cards from Poppy ("FURRY BALLS!" he exclaims, eyes going as round as the balls themselves when he opens one envelope), imaginative games from Lee, letters loaded with stickers from a friend in Oz. It's amazing to see how these little fellows communicate in the written form, young as they are. (And I think us mums are having as much fun as them with this penpal thing!)

What about you? Does your child write letters, or have a penpal?


  1. Haha I am enjoying it as much as she is! Reliving my own childhood.

  2. Hey I'm so happy to see that the furry balls all stayed stuck on! Wait till I tell poppy. She'll be so pleased

    1. :) One fell off, but we have stuck it back on. :) And yes, I'm enjoying it too! (I think I'm probably more excited than the boy haha)



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