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{Small Spaces} A little learning space

Today, Ting would be sharing with us how she carved out a learning area for her son. She manages also to keep all his learning materials organized, and shares how she does that.

Ting is a recently converted Stay-At-Home Mommy with a three year old son. She also started blogging frequently at "Miracule, Everything Happened for a Reason", to share her life as a SAHM, as well as bits and pieces of her child's growing up years. As the family of three is still staying the parents-in-laws while waiting for their own flat to be ready, read on to find out how they managed to create a little cosy space for their growing child.


I stopped working two months ago and removed KD from childcare, so that i can spend quality time with KD before his sibling arrives. As we are still staying with my parents-in-laws, and the new home will be ready in a few months time, it's necessary for me to setup up a temporary new space in YeYe's home so that I can engage KD in meaningful, interactive, learning activities without too much distraction. This space is new because previously we didn't require this space, as everyone is working and KD goes to play and learn in the childcare centre. However, although I call it a Study Space, please note that I am not a "Kiasu" parent wanting KD to "study" at 3 years old, I just want to continue to engage him like what he is used to in the childcare.

It's not easy to find a suitable space in the very cluttered home with good natural lighting. As I do not want to restrict KD to doing everything (sleep, play, learn) in our bedroom, I ended up moving the furniture around in the living room (with the blessings of in-laws) to create a nice corner for KD. We can use the living room as everyone is out for work in the day, thus there will not be a computer, TV, a bed or his toys boxes to distract him. :) We have been spending our mornings up till lunch time in this room, usually from Mondays to Fridays. If you are keen to find out more about what we have done, you can click here.

KD's study corner in the living room. 

This is his study area in the middle of nowhere, but it's cosy enough! Doesn't it have a classroom environment?  The table is from Ikea at S$39 a set, inclusive of two similar chairs. However, as the chairs couldn't withstand KD's jumps, I replaced the chairs with this very nice and colorful study plastic chairs that i found in the Giant Supermarket! You may wonder why do I need four chairs? Well, my vision is use them to set up a more beautiful space in my new home with more children! KD is also a very good boy, as he will help me return the chairs back after our "class".

KD packing up after we are done.

The blue, green and yellow chairs were purchased during a sale at only S$10 each, but pink was sold out then. So I went back to buy the pink chair on another day without the discount at S$15 instead. :) Having four colourful chairs not only helps to brighten up the area, they also allow me to ask KD which chair he wants to sit in each day. It also gives him another opportunity to make a choice, on top of his choices of clothes and food etc.

Beautiful colourful chairs from Giant

The art board easel (if you noticed, it's standing in the balcony area! ;p) is also from Ikea and it's really good to have! It is extremely helpful, especially when the study space is in the middle of nowhere. We have ample space to move in front or behind, as one side is a whiteboard which KD can doodle on and it's easy to clean. The other side is supposed to be a black board, but as KD is asthmatic and I do not want the mess, I used it as a board to stick on some posters, or projects. 

Front of easel

Back of easel

Now that I have the space created, where do I keep his books and writing & art supplies? They are all very well organized inside this big box with wheels below, that I can easily tuck under a table and pull out when needed. It has a cover too, thus preventing dust from settling onto his books. This is another great buy from Giant Supermarket!

KD's box with wheels that can easily be pulled out from under the table.

The stationery and art supplies are packed into different clear ziplock bags, so it is very easy to identify and pull out the respective stationery quickly for endless activities and fun. We have all the stamps in one bag, everything related to painting - paints, brushes, waterproof apron etc in another bag, marker pens in another separated from the crayons. Pencils, safety scissors, erasers and glue are kept separately in a pencil case that we placed at the table instead. I store books for practicing writing (alphabets and numbers), right brain development, left brain development, coloring, stickers, Chinese, Maths and more inside the box.

KD's art supplies packed into separate ziplock bags.

What greets us upon lifting up the cover. 

Organized and easy access to different activity books. 

And of course, the most important feature: I stuck up all his work up on the wall in our bedroom itself. This is to serve as a gentle reminder for him about what he has done and has hopefully learnt, as well as to allow him to show them to Daddy when Daddy is home from work. :)

KD's work.

All in all, the space may be temporary, however it's really cosy and serves it's purpose well. Until we get our keys to new home that is. :)


Ting certainly has everything well organized, isn't it? I think she did a great job, especially since this space was squeezed out from her in-laws home. And if you need more organization ideas, do take a peek at how another mum, Jasz, keeps all her son's toys and materials organized by hopping over to this post.

I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have. We'll be starting to count our blessings for December starting today, but you'll still be seeing "Small Spaces" posts now and then on the blog. Oh, and do hop by later for a really nice giveaway!

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