Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thinking Thursdays: Learning about polar animals (I)

Hello! Here's some of the activities we did while learning about polar animals: 

:: Duplo block puzzles: I cut up these flashcards and pasted them on Duplo blocks for the boy to assemble!

:: Dot to dot puzzles: The boy simply loves dot to dot puzzles, so we did a couple of penguin ones (from here).

:: Identifying the beginning letters of each animal with a pegging activity (from here):

:: We did a feed the penguin activity, where I printed the penguins, laminated and mounted them on yoghurt containers. Then the boy was given pictures, and he was supposed to identify their starting sounds and feed the correct penguins! (You can get the penguins and the pictures from here.) He was really happy at the end of the activity, and declared that all the penguins were full, and managed to learn a little phonics at the same time. :)

Be back tomorrow to share more activities, as well as the books we read!

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