Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Five: A little messy

Hello! Today, there's a whole bunch of thoughts swirling through my head, so I'm just going to list them down:

:: The movers came on Wednesday. They were scheduled to collect our things in the late afternoon, but turned up before nine in the morning! Imagine my horror to see the movers' van pull up in front of our apartment, when I was still trying to put things in the remaining few boxes! Somehow, we managed to finish tossing the remaining things into the boxes, while feeding the kids their breakfast. The moving guy had to wrap our bikes so that bought us some time. And since most of our stuff went into those boxes, we've had to improvise a little with what we have. Junior J is still a little on the small side for a normal chair, so he's been sitting on a phone book and a language coursebook...

... and I've had to cook soup in frying pans, and cook Junior J's pasta in a huge pot.

Whatever the case, I'm glad we're done with the boxes. What's left now would be the luggages, and cleaning up the house!

:: Today is Good Friday, and I thought this post was a great reminder of what Good Friday and Easter should mean to us:
"Because of Maximilian Kolbe, I can't act frivolously - because every single moment is pregnant with meaning. Because it was a gift to me from that one who died that I might breathe this breath, that I might act today, that I might embrace this moment - I could never take another moment for granted." - Franciszek Gajowniczek

:: This simple video touched my heart. Those crazy days of boys bouncing on the bed and yelling and chasing each other? They will pass. It's reminded me not to mind the messes and to treasure those "perfectly ordinary days".

:: I'm still trying to be disciplined about using my handphone when the boys are awake. This post reminds me that while we sometimes do lapse into twiddling with messages and getting distracted, let's not judge others' use of their phones. And I guess it applies to everything else, from how long they breastfeed, or how/what they feed their kids, or sleep training. Perhaps we should save those judgements, and concentrate on what matters!

:: Finally, this post is the start of a Friday Five linky, for any posts relating to the number five (five photos of the week, perhaps?), or lists with five points (don't you love lists?). I'll be posting this once every two weeks, and the linky will run for two whole weeks. The next link-up will be on the 12th of April (goodness, its almost April!).

Have a blessed weekend, I'm off to tackle the remaining mess and wrestle with those suitcases!

Mum in the Making


  1. Lol at the things you do to improvise!! My fives are coming up! Soon, hopefully :)

    1. :) Thanks for linking up! I really enjoyed the two versions you did!

  2. I love lists! Will see if I'm able to incorporate this in =)

    1. Hi Madeline! It runs every two weeks and for the entire duration of the two weeks, so if you miss this round there's always the next round! :)



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