Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five: Mixed feelings

We've been back for two weeks, and things have now settled into a slightly more predictable routine. The playground trips, the grocery shopping, the visits to the library (oh how we missed being able to borrow books!). There are lots of emotions and thoughts ping-ponging through me right now, so please bear with me as I ramble about a few:

:: Hubby and I have been really exhausted. Junior J refuses to fall asleep at night, until sometimes past midnight, but still gets up at his usual time of 8 plus in the morning. The hubby started work this week, and well, the hours seem longer. They don't seem to be so efficient over here, compared to in Germany.  So dear friends, we're sorry if we don't seem very enthusiastic about meeting up and catching up, since these days all we want is an extra hour of sleep... but I think things should improve in about a month of so!

:: Reading about Gosnell made me really sad. Thinking about how those babies were murdered made me sick to the stomach. And I think it speaks of how callused our world has become, that such things could be swept under the carpet for so long.

:: I was really encouraged by your comments and advice since writing about baby J's growth. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, and sharing your stories and struggles too.

:: We've been getting reacquainted with our Bob Books while dabbling in a little Jolly Phonics. I am heartened that our reluctant reader is now willing to try to read those little books on his own. He still needs help with the words, but he's trying, and reads those books to his little bear. I think it helps that he is encouraged because his bear (or rather, Mama) cheers every time he manages to tackle a page. Oh, and now he's also gotten himself a new friend, a grey rabbit whose name he can't seem to decide on. Some days he's called Greyie, some days, just Rabbit (thanks to Rabbit in "Winnie the Pooh").

:: I've been feeling rather torn in two these days. We make trips to the playground, where baby J zips around trying to climb stuff he can't really manage, or runs off to poke at grass and ants, and I am left panting as I chase him. Meanwhile, Junior J would be swinging, and asking me to push him higher, and I feel awful that I have to leave him to swing alone because I'm busy chasing Mr Active. Parents of two or more, do you sometimes have this feeling?

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