Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Five: Another random one

So another week has passed! And here's what's been on my mind this week:

:: I've almost forgotten how cute the 1.5 to two years old stage can be. They start picking up words, begin to show they understand when you talk to them, and they do all those cute antics like dancing and feeding you food. But of course, there are those tantrums too. Just yesterday, this little boy had a 20 minute scream fest because he didn't want to sleep, and boy can he yell! Nevertheless, I'm treasuring this stage since it passes so quickly!

:: We've been busy decluttering to prepare for the house renovation. It feels quite therapeutic to actually clear those piles of books, and sell them off to people who are interested to read them! There's still quite alot to clear, but its step by step I guess.

And links-wise, I've been fascinated with:

:: Chalkboard art. I love how chalkboard art can prettify ordinary spaces, and Dana Tanamachi really takes the art to a new level. You can view her works here.

:: Family trees. Some time ago, I spotted these lovely family trees in this post. Makes me want to DIY one to frame up!

:: Alternative kitchen photography. You know how you store a million billion items in your kitchen? We know since we have to start emptying out every.single.thing to pack them away before the reno. Well, photographer Erik Klein Wolterink has managed to photograph those billion and one things in various kitchens in Amsterdam. Click here to view his photos!

Well, here's to a blessed weekend!

PS: Thank you so much for all the comments and concern after my previous post. I'm feeling way much better. Prayer and ice cream does help too!
Mum in the Making


  1. I love the kitchen photography series. How can anyone make a kitchen look this good!!

    Anyway I'm so glad you're feeling better :) have a great weekend.

  2. Enjoyed looking at the alternative kitchen photography (so interesting) and so swooning over chalkboard art! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend :)

  3. Cute pic of baby J!!
    you have so many good classics! if only we lived closer and I could take them off your hands!!!



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