Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Five: This week...

... has been quite a fruitful one in terms of progress. We've managed to make it to the library, the boys and I, and we also had a playdate today. The reno plans are slowly chugging along. Home-learning is still restricted to reading and phonics though, but we're adding in bits of art and craft as our materials slowly surface from our very messy home. All in all, baby steps. 

And here's 5 links that have caught my eye or picked at my brain this week:

:: "Children need wild, unlimited hours, but this time is in short supply for many, who are diarised into wall-to-wall activities, scheduled from the moment they wake until the minute they sleep, every hour accounted for by parents whose actions are prompted by the fear their child may fall behind in the rat race that begins in the nursery." I found this article thought-provoking, however, I'm not sure if the methods used by various tribes might work in a society that is no longer a safe place for children to grow up in. What do you think?

:: Child-bearing wrecks havoc on the body, every mother would tell you that. But this post was such a beautiful way to look at the scars that pregnancy leaves. 

:: I recently chanced across the works of Justin Gaffrey in this article. I really loved how wonderfully textured his paintings were! You can view more of his works here.

Photo source: My Modern Met

:: Some of these parenting hacks were pretty smart. 

:: There are many blogs written by home-schooling mums, and I always wonder how they manage to do it all: clean, cook, homeschool and blog, usually while caring for multiple kids. This honest post is reassuring that they too are normal people, with their bad days and all. 

Yup, that's all folks, and here's to a blessed weekend! I hope its one that's filled with sunshine and smiles! 

Mum in the Making


  1. Thanks for the parenting hack link that brighten my day :) Can't help laughing haha...

  2. For a moment I thought you were pregnant with no3! Or are you? :p

  3. Hi Mama J,
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