Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Made: Crafts for Charity

We had a pretty busy weekend, and one of the highlights was meeting a group of mummy bloggers to make cards and gift tags together. It was a pretty fun and fruitful session...

... with lots of cutting and pasting...

... and lots of messing with papers and glue.

Everyone was so busy, they didn't even stop to take a break! But I think we all enjoyed ourselves, and these cards and tags will be sold to raise funds for charity. If you're interested, do look out for more details on this blog at a later date, as well as over on these blogs too:

A big thank you to all the mummies for their hard work (and for contributing some materials too!), as well as to Claudia of The Loving Mum, who donated most of the papers used to make the cards and tags. Stay tuned for more updates, meanwhile, have a blessed week!

PS: If you're interested in getting your family involved in raising funds, why not join the Kids for Charity project? (Details here.)

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