Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: 2.5 years

Dearest Lil J,
You just turned two and half! These days you are still a bundle of energy, and nothing can stop you. Most of my photos of you are usually a blur, because you are always moving. Your fingers are always getting themselves into something, and usually that gets you into alot of trouble. You've managed to wreck so many things: you've ripped our speaker covers, you discovered a Bible with pages falling out and ripped out those pages to wrap some coins, you make massive messes in the toilet with soap and toilet paper. You've locked yourself in our room before, and there are days you insist on shutting all the windows and switching off all the fans, and declaring that it is winter (while we swelter in the heat). Your hobbies these days include multiple flushings of our toilet, sneaking off to play with the taps, and throwing random household things into the dustbin, which means I end up having to check through my trash before I throw it out. 

While you're always getting into some scrape or another, you are also our beam of sunshine. You are always making us laugh with all your funny antics, from insisting on wearing a curtain tie as a collar, to the strange things you say. You're now more willing to give kisses and hugs, previously you were always busy trying to scramble off to do something. While it seems like your big brother is always picking on you, he really loves you very much and is always asking when you would wake up from your nap. 

These days, you have taught us to rely more and more on God to parent you. You're learning to exert your independence, and I'm learning to redraw those boundaries to let you grow. Being your mama is like flying a kite in a fierce fierce wind. I'm trying my best to let go, while you fight so so hard to fly. But I know you are one that will certainly fly really high, and I hope and pray that we will be able to help you to do so. Meanwhile, we give thanks for you, our little ham in the sandwich

Your Mama and Papa.

Mum in the Making

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  1. Love your analogy about the kite in the wind. Spoken straight from a mother's loving heart. Hugs to Lil J!



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