Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: When life spins...

... it sometimes seems to hurtle, out of control. I have been rushing, task to task. Cooking, cleaning, carrying the baby. Making that never-ending list, ticking things off as I go. Scolding, doing, making. Until that week where we were all forced to stop because of colds and coughs and fevers. 

That forced me to stop. To look. To see. To think about how we were sometimes running and chasing. Chasing what? Lost time? Learning opportunities? I don't know. I've been mulling over how hectic life has become, and how crazy things at home can be. We always seem to be panting and rushing to finish something. There is always this feeling of incompleteness, of needing this or that. Of only being able to be happy when something else is finally done or something is achieved. Do you get that feeling sometimes?

So I have been trying to slow down. To put down those dirty dishes, to push aside that overflowing laundry basket, to calm those crying needy kids. Can we make life simpler? Can we take it a step at a time? Can we focus and look at the important, and not get so caught up with the urgent? I don't know, but I think we can, and we must. 

And so, for the rest of the month, I'll be trying to declutter, so simplify, not just our stuff, but our schedules. And I'll be trying to clean up my thoughts and feelings too. And focusing on what matters. 

Meanwhile, I am thankful, for those little things of the ordinary that tend to slip us by in the rush of time passing us by. The quiet sound of happy children playing in carpets of fallen flowers. The perfect curve of a little one's ear, and those tiny fingers that are learning to grasp and hold.

The satisfaction of a new recipe learnt and warm happy tummies, and time together over a meal.

The daily messes that show that there are happy children who are at work.

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Yes I get that feeling too. It's like a never ending cycle. Hang in there! Here's a virtual chocolate cake for you! =)

  2. I read a forwarded poem on FB much earlier this morning, with a photo, saying "Go Slowly, Mummy". Tried to look for it for 15 minutes, but couldn't find it. It resonates with what you were saying here. Will share when I come across it again. Take care!

  3. Indeed, I totally feel it too! it's been a frenzy over here too... It's a culture that we were brought up in...which inevitably cascades down.. But am also de-cluttering, culled toys recently and felt so much better! Am also trying to re-prioritise my time.. Let's persevere and look to the perfecter of our faith. : ) Jiayou!

  4. I totally understand you, Jus. Sometimes I ask myself what is all the rush and madness about when it comes to the kids. Isn't life supposed to be simple and taking things one at a time, finding contentment in every step we take? It is definitely easier said than done and I think it takes quite a while before we can find that equilibrium in life. It's good that you are trying to de-clutter schedules, I think that is a perfect start! Let's all take things slowly and breathe! Tsk. =p



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