Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: Thoughts about nesting

We went to the River Safari the other day, and chanced upon this lovely nest with a little bird sitting serenely inside it. It was a beautiful sight, and made me remember how thankful I was for home. 

I spend a lot of time fussing about, and decorating our home. Perhaps its because it was a childhood dream to be an interior designer, and this is the only home I get to decorate. Or maybe its an instinct, like how a bird busies itself to feather its nest. Whatever the case, I know I can get a little obsessed sometimes. I'm trying to remind myself to focus on what home really should mean: the place where my loved ones are. 

I'm thankful for this little place we can feel comfortable in. We don't have a house, nor a garden, but we have floors relatively clean enough for baby J to crawl on.

This boy can crawl! And now has 2 teeth!

We have ample space to store our trappings and belongings. Sometimes, I think we have way too many things. But I'm thankful for the safety that home brings: safe to be oneself, where you can rest easy at night, where our children can play. I love how we can gather about for meals, and to read a book.

Mealtime with the boys: Lil J is trying to show me the thumbs up for his meal
(he still gets his thumb and 2nd finger mixed up), and baby J isn't too happy to be stuck in his chair. 

So I thank God for blessing us with this little space, and how He has provided so richly with a place to call home.

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Beautiful photo of baby J! Thanks for hosting the link-up.

  2. Nice photo of the family eating together. You should get in there as well.



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