Friday, June 27, 2014

Foodie Friday: Cooking Korean

There was a period of time last month when I was really craving Korean food, but we didn't want to keep eating out because of the MSG as well as the cost (Korean food seems to be costly these days). So I tried my hand at cooking Korean, and had quite a bit of fun trying new recipes. It was easier then to experiment since the hubby was on leave then, and could play with the kids while I pottered in the kitchen.

So here's what we tried:
:: Spicy bean sprout salad: with chilli for the adults, and without for the kids. The kids love bean sprouts, and this is really easy to prepare, and I love its fresh, crisp taste.

:: Jap chae: Lil J loves his noodles, and this was a nice alternative to the usual mee sua, bee hoon, or kway teow. Another plus point was how you can pack so much veggies inside! 

:: Bossam: I really loved the version served at Bibigo previously, where they provided seaweed for you to wrap the pork slices. But recently we noticed their portion size getting pretty small, and they also replaced seaweed with lettuce leaves. So we decided to cook our own. It's pretty easy, and the kids love the fatty bits. We usually just eat it with rice, along with kimchi, which we buy off the shelf at the supermarket. 

:: Bulgogi stew: I tried modifying the recipe as I only had beef shin in the freezer, so I made the sauce and stewed the beef for a few hours instead! All in all, the kids can't resist bulgogi: its flavourful and yummy!

:: Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew): I was getting a little sick of always having meat on the menu for the protein bit, so I thought I'd try a tofu dish. This turned out pretty yummy, even though we had to modify it and leave out some ingredients due to Lil J's food allergies. And it's easy to prepare!  

We're a little kimchi-ed out, so we're going to give Korean food a rest for awhile. I'm still trying new recipes though, and will share along the way. Meanwhile, do you have any good Korean recipes to share? 

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