Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home: The boys' room redo (Part 1)

We recently made some changes to the boys' room (which you read about here). I fell in love with this world map wall paper (I first spotted it being used in this room), so we purchased it off Amazon. (Affiliate link here, do note this does not ship to SG, so you need to ship it via a third party eg. Borderlinx.)

After shuffling with the arrangement of the pieces, we ended up with Europe and Africa on the left and North and South America on the right (there are instructions that come with the wallpaper to guide you on arrangements). I love how having the map up totally transforms this half of the room! The boys love the map, and Lil J proudly tells you that he sleeps in Australia and New Zealand. 

We left the shadowboxes up for Junior J as he still wanted them. But I did add scrapbook paper to the back for some interest. We also added a retro string chair that we lugged back from Penang (we also have child-sized ones in our reading corner), which is useful when we stay with the kids just before they sleep. Lil J parks his favourite construction vehicles under the chair. 

I'm still rather undecided about their bedsheets though. I find Junior J's sheets too dark (they were resewn from an old quilt cover), and they look like they are more for a teenager than a five year old. But I'm leaving them there for abit to see if I can grow to like the colors!

PS: You can find more posts on the boys' room here. It's quite amazing to track all the changes that have happened in this room, to accommodate our growing family!


  1. The wall paper looks good! I was wondering how did you put up the shadow boxes? I'm really bad at fixing such stuff. :P

    1. We drilled screws into the wall as we were worried the boys might pull them down!



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