Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: It is well with my soul

Photo taken along the road to Port Douglas, during our recent trip.

Life has been a little messy lately. Junior J has been running a high fever and vomiting. The home is in a terrible state since I've just recovered from the flu since our trip. I admit I feel a little overwhelmed!

But yes, I am reminded that we just need to do the next thing and keep plodding forward. So onwards we go, while being thankful for:

:: God's mercy and perfect timing: I am so glad that the boys are falling sick only now, when we are back from Australia and are around to watch over them. And I have recovered and can take care of them!

:: Helping hands: I am so thankful for my FIL who came down to help us to babysit the boys when we were away. He's been such a huge help, especially when I was sick and couldn't get out of bed. He helps with the chores, and he's great with the boys. Now he's back in Penang, but he's also sick and we hope he'll be able to rest and recover soon.

I'm also so thankful for my dad and mum's help, especially my dad who has been popping over to lend me a hand. I've been been feeling so disoriented these days, so he's been such a great help to ensure I don't rush about like a headless chicken.

:: The hubby: Even when he is dead tired, this man just keeps going. He always helps to clean up the kitchen at the end of the day. He helps me to care for the boys. He helps me to stay sane during days when I feel like I'm overwhelmed!

:: These little discoveries around the home: I recently found these little drawings done by Junior J, nestled safely inside a bowl. He'd read a book about dim sum, and drew these out, then painstakingly cut them out. They make me smile, especially those little char siew baos!

:: For this little fellow: I'm glad this boy has more or less recovered, and is done with his antibiotics. It was rather painful seeing him have the runs every day from the meds, and I'm glad his appetite is back!

:: Hot soups: Which have been so helpful when I was sick. I am so glad I can cook these soups for the family, especially now when they are feeling poorly.

:: The blog awards: I am so so thankful for all the support and encouragement I've gotten from everyone. Will write more about this another time!

So yes, very very thankful. It is well with my soul!

What are you thankful for today?

Mum in the Making


  1. Junior J's dim sum drawings are so cute. Praying for your family's healing, health and a speedy recovery!

  2. Encouraged by yr spirit n hope yr boys n fil will be fully well soon!
    Press on!

  3. Glad you're feeling better now, MamaJ. I'd like to place an order for a couple of char Siew baos please! And don't those prawns look yums!!



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