Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Wanderings: The Cloud Forest & the Canopy

The in-laws visited us last week and the boys have been having a wonderful time with their gramps. Over the weekend, we brought everyone to the Cloud Forest over at Gardens by the Bay. There is so much to love in this conservatory. Firstly, there is that wonderful sight of the waterfall, the crashing sound of water, and the cool feel of it's spray that greets you when you walk inside:

Then there are all the carnivorous plants that are clustered everywhere. The pitcher plants, in sort of colours and sizes, the sundews, glinting in the sunlight, and the Venus flytraps, tiny but menacing.

And the flowers. The fuschias, with their brightly coloured skirts. The orchids, some large and showy, some tiny and perched daintily on a leaf.

There was so much to see, so much to feel, so much to explore. Lil J found a tiny earthworm, and they spent some time examining how it crawled about. They gently touched some flowers, and felt the golden yellow pollen sprinkle across their hands. 

We met lions everywhere. Lil J was terrified of the carved lion gate, which reminded him of the lion with the glowing eyes over at the SEA aquarium. The boys clambered all over one carved version.

They had a lovely time exploring the place, and spending the time inside a cooled conservatory on a hot day was an added bonus.


And to conclude the weekend, we all trooped to Changi Airport to send the in-laws off. Another friend was headed to the airport with her kids to meet her husband, so we decided to meet and check out the Canopy, a playground in Terminal 1 (you can read more about the playground over at this post by mummy blogger Adeline).

It was really really crowded and full of running, screaming kids, so we moved the kids out, and they were happy just hanging out together at the viewing mall. These boys are very good friends, so they had a great time just running around doing silly things together!


All in all, we had a beautiful weekend, despite the hazy skies, and the kids would be missing their gramps. How was your weekend? I hope it was a lovely one too!

PS: We have been blessed to have our kids' clothing sponsored by FOX, and all outfits worn by our three boys as seen in this post were from their new Fall/Winter collection. I especially love that I am able to dress all three in shirts with matching prints!

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