Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: Just another week

So another week has passed, and here's how we've been doing on our challenge for the past week:

:: Oct 7, Tuesday: We headed for home, and broke our journey in Shah Alam and stayed with the hubby's relatives. We encountered jams, most of us (save for Lil J) were down with food poisoning, and Lil J's food allergies started flaring up again (we had one scare earlier on when his eyes swelled up and he started rashing and his nose started leaking). We ended the day just thankful for journey mercies, our relatives' kind hospitality, and the green balloon from our friend's kid, which kept a very fidgety Baby J occupied for part of the car ride. 

:: Oct 8, Wednesday: We made it home through relatively smooth traffic, and we were so thankful that Junior J seemed to have recovered. After more than a week away from home, I think everyone was just glad to be home. 

:: Oct 9, Thursday: It was one of those rush around and get stuff done kind of day. I ended the day thankful for those fleeting moments with these three little boys, that reminded me that I must stop and slow down. 

:: Oct 10, Friday: We slowly got back into our homeschool routines, and went for our usual co-op. I was just so glad and thankful for home and all that home entailed: dinners together, playtime, comfortable beds. We "baked" a cake for Lil J and he pretended to light candles on them, and then systematically cut up the entire cake and fed it to all of us. It is these moments that make our home, home.

:: Oct 11, Saturday: I was thankful for the opportunity to work with lovely people when it came to blog reviews and sponsorships, and glad that such opportunities allowed me to get to know people behind small businesses better. It has been such an eye-opening experience! Also, I was thankful for this lovely bouquet, that was sent by one lovely lady whom I've been collaborating with. 

:: Oct 12, Sunday: The hubby was feeding Baby J, while Lil J was helping him by feeding the baby snacks, which we use as bribes while we try to spoon in regular food. This conversation ensued:

Hubby: So are you my feeding assistant today?
Lil J (after some thought): No! I am your crunchy-taker. I take the crunchy biscuits.

Oh how we laughed! Lil J has been all sorts of challenging in terms of the discipline department, but I am so thankful for this little imp that never fails to make us smile.

:: Oct 13, Monday: We went back into our usual scheme of things. I was just thankful to have survived a regular day even with my painful back, and that we managed to get some learning done and resume our usual homeschooling routines. We read a little about the Galapagos, and we played with the figures while Baby J chomped on the poor frigate bird. 

All in all, it has been quite a week. I'm glad we're back into the swing of things, and here's to another week of thankfulness!

Mum in the Making

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