Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: While the dust settles

I've been feeling rather breathless this week. You know how you have a to-do list, and your list just seems to grow longer rather than shrink each day? There's so much I've been wanting to do, but as each day comes to a close, it seems like little gets done. Oh, of course there's the housework and meals and making sure the kids don't hurt each other... but I can't help feeling like I'm surviving rather than thriving.

But whatever the case, I am glad that as I end each day, panting and usually exhausted, there is always something to be thankful. I look back at my #oct2bthankful photos and realize that we are surrounded by so much beauty and so much love, and rushing through life doesn't help you to enjoy those things. So here's our past week of thankfulness:

:: Oct 21st, Tuesday: Lil J turns three. We celebrate with family and have dinner out, and he gets to order whatever he likes, so long it doesn't contain the foods he is allergic to. So he asks for sashimi, rice and edamame. And he gets to order jelly as he can't have ice cream. And he willingly shares it with his brother. I am thankful for his loving generous nature. 

:: Oct 22nd, Wednesday: We gather with our church friends to celebrate Lil J's birthday. The kids have a great time (I hope). I am thankful for our friends, for the opportunity to gather, to celebrate, to feast. 

:: Oct 23rd, Thursday: Some friends visit and the kids have a good time playing. I was thankful for little friends, for a full busy day, yummy lunch and helping hands from family.

:: Oct 24th, Friday: Thankful for my youngest. He has been the toughest to care for, but oh, those sunny smiles and gurgling laughs!

:: Oct 25th, Saturday: The hubs has been really busy at work this month. I was so thankful that the kids could hang out with him during the weekend.

:: Oct 26th, Sunday: I was just thankful for a new week to realign and resettle, and for the predictability of mundane, everyday life!

:: Oct 27th, Monday: I look at my children and tremble at the enormity of the responsibilities of parenthood. And I am thankful that God enables and strengthens.

Lil J, pretending to be a spider with a cape. (Don't ask.) 

I cannot believe that we'll be entering November really soon, and that the year will be coming to an end. 2014 has passed in such a blur! So, what are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making

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  1. Hope that everything is back to normal now. That's a very nice blanket that Lil J is playing with.



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