Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wednesday Wander: Hay Dairies

Our nature inquiry co-op paid a visit to Hay Dairies recently. The kids got to see the goats being milked, and it was interesting to see how the workers efficiently lined up the goats to be milked, and how quickly the groups of goats were rotated for milking. 

Everyone also got to try goat's milk, which even came in chocolate flavour! Lil J loved both the natural and chocolate flavours, and was busy slurping away. Junior J, however, took one sip and declared it wasn't chocolatey enough. I had expected that the milk would be strong-smelling and tasting, but surprisingly, it wasn't the case!

As we walked around the little farm, Junior J spotted animal footprints in the concrete. We had an interesting time discussing if those were goat hoof prints, or some other animal's, and Junior J spent a fair bit of time drawing animal foot prints after that. I really love these moments of incidental learning!

Anyway, there wasn't much to do at the farm, aside from viewing the milking session and drinking goat's milk. Milking takes place from 9 am to 11 am, and you can just walk in without an appointment to view the session. However, larger groups of 20 pax or more would need to pay a fee, and would be given a tour (detail here). So if you were to visit this farm, my suggestion would be to pair it with a visit to another nearby farm, like the Jurong Frog Farm, and perhaps end of your adventure by dining at Bollywood Veggies (The food they serve is really yummy. But do note though, that the bistro does not provide high chairs). 

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  1. My mom used to get me to drink goat's milk while growing up and (I think) she ordered from here! Love that moment of incidental learning. :)



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