Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend Wonderings: A week of thankfulness

Ever felt like you need a holiday after a holiday with kids? That's the feeling I've been getting for the past week, as some of us were recovering from food poisoning during the trip, and the house was just in general disarray. With all that was happening, I decided I would just focus on resting and housework, and leave the blogging until everything was more settled. The house still looks like a disaster, but at least everyone's better. Anyway, I'm popping in to just record my first week of thankfulness for the #oct2bthankful challenge. :) 

:: Oct 1, Wednesday: We left for Malaysia on Monday, and did one night in Putrajaya so that we could settle some of Baby J's citizenship matters. So by Wednesday, we were already up in Penang, very tired from the long car rides. We opted to rest most of the day, and I was just thankful to be able to witness my three boys growing up and growing closer to each other. They make me so mad most days, but seeing them play together (with Baby J shrieking and joining in the fray) really makes me smile. We also celebrated my MIL's birthday with dinner at a Japanese restaurant, and had a nice time on the Penang ferry

:: Oct 2, Thursday: Hubby and I were really busy during the first part of our stay in Penang with sourcing stuff for the shop that was recently set up by me and a friend. I was making multiple trips to various stalls and shops to buy things, and hubby had to bring me around. I was so thankful for the in-laws who helped to babysit the kids, especially the FIL who would take care of the older two when we went out with the baby. The boys had alot of fun helping Ah Kong in the garden, and got to dig for worms and hunt for millipedes, and would turn up for meals with soil-stained clothes, dirty hands, flushed cheeks and bright eyes. 

:: Oct 3, Friday: I was really thankful for the hubby, for his patience in bringing me around, and even helping me to hunt for stuff! Also, I realized that while marrying across the causeway has its own challenges, it also has its blessings: our little family has gained a home away from home, a glimpse into a different culture, and the rather frequent privilege of tucking into all sorts of yummies from the street food capital of the world.

:: Oct 4, Saturday: We were supposed to check into a hotel along with friends who were visiting, so we spent most of the day hanging out at the hubby's auntie's place. I was so thankful for their hospitality, and the boys had lots of fun trying to play with the dogs at their place!

:: Oct 5, Sunday: We all trooped down to the butterfly farm with our friends, and the boys had a really lovely time peering at insects, even though it was pouring. We were thankful for the time there, as well as the chance to spend it with good friends. 

Oct 6, Monday: The gramps gamely offered to take care of the older two, plus our friend's son, and brought them to play at the beach near the hotel, while my friend, the hubby, Baby J and I headed to town and spent the day hunting for vintage stuff and eating good food. We visited the Thieves market, where hubby nearly bought an old iron and unfortunately got stung by a bee. We foraged about in old kitchenware shops. We explored antique shops. We had laksa, slurped up icy cold cendol, gobbled down char kway teow and hokkien mee. We queued for tau sa piah and apong. I was so glad for the gramps help, and for the opportunity to explore the town. 

All in all, the first week of October has been a most blessed one, and it was quite easy finding one thankful photo to post everyday! How has the first week been for you?


  1. Hi,

    I would really love to purchase a retro chair, have commented abt this on your blog before!
    Could you pls email me on as I'm afraid I don't have fb or ig!

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Carol!
      Sure will drop you a note later today ok? I am not sure if your previous comments got swallowed up or if I missed it out, apologies about that!



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