Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Week: Art Adventures

Last week, we spent a fair bit of time building and dabbling in art. This week, we continued with our explorations in art, with the younger two messing about with do-a-dot markers (these are so brilliant for toddlers!), and Lil J doing some watercolor paintings.

We also continued playing with shapes to form pictures, inspired by the book "Wednesday":

Round stickers from Daiso. These are so great for craft!
The kids used them as sprinkles for their ice-creams. :)

Lil J's ice cream. The box with dividers was another find from Daiso,
it came in handy for sorting out all the cut out shapes.

Junior J also worked more with acrylic paints. After asking around last week, we were given some helpful advice and resources to check out, and I'm in the process of sorting through everything to see if I can come up with a systematic way of exploring art techniques with Junior J (Hopefully I'll get to share more soon!).

We've been painting on canvases (which we buy from Daiso) using acrylic paints from Art Friend. Junior J is still working on a series of paintings of dinosaurs, and this was his second original painting (you can see his first painting here):

I just discussed with him what he wanted to paint, and he decided on the colors and what went where. This round, we explored creating texture with the paint: he layered the grass and dabbed the paint on the canvas to get "bumpy" clouds, and we used the end of the paintbrush to scrape lines on the tree trunk. He loves adding little details, so he painted in flowers, as well as a little hat for his Stegosaurus. 

It's been quite fun exploring art with the kids, and I too am learning as we go along. I guess that's the lovely thing about homeschooling: you have the time and space to explore areas of interest!

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  1. Hi Justina, great art adventures! I didn't know Daiso sells canvases, gonna look out for them. Thanks! Btw, where did you get the cute house storage box from? Rebecca



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